Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry christmas to you... n ya just in case santa uncles misses out my name in his list for gifts, i will accept gifts from all of you.. :)
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Slow Motion..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Heya people..well better take care of everything that u consume in the marriages that u attend these days...or else u might end up being at my position..this single marriage costed me being at complete bed rest for a month at least..mujhe jaundice ho gya he.... :( :( :(

Well i thought there are quite a lot of benefits if u are suggested complete bed rest by your doctor..lying in bed the whole day,sleeping sleeping n sleeping,watching movies,chatting on phone the whole day,etc etc..all these dreams are shattered as soon as you step into reality..firstly u cant just get up from your bed unless u need to puke the very next moment.U do get to lie in the bed crying with stomach-ache.Sleeping..yeah u can do that all day long as u dont have stomach-ache n vomiting n u still feel you are alive. Although in some days these two things do get in control n u get a life..but then sleeping 24X7 for a month continuously...HEAVEN..wont u call it..i would call it hell..!!!

Chatting on phone is an intersting option..initially people do call up to know how bad condition you are in..but later they just call up to know whether u are still alive or they can be happy...watever..!!!

In past few days or centuries as i feel them,a lot has happened in the world outside..terrorist attack on mumbai which was the saddest of all,resignations n reappointments of ministers,elections in delhi,Sheila Dixit's government a third time,Pakistan's ever changing statements..quite a lot!!But apart from these things a lot changed in the lives of people around

When my life got on to a slower pace,their lives kicked ahead with a faster pace.And being absolutely cut from the world outside i had no clue what was happening in my that i am trying to come back to my regular life,i don't know where to start from.It seems everything is shattered to pieces..n i don't know which piece i have to pick up first to complete this maze..well if u still couldn't get it..this diseased state of mine taught me a lot..what people are and how easily they change..

When i went to college the last time,guess a month back,i had a world of mine..with a lot of friends and some close friends..but i guess i need to redefine the world 'close' or even better they did it for me..In past few days someone suggested me to blog again for a time pas about anything like pollution or terrorism or my days with illness..I chose the third but i guess i should have written about they are build..modified..and then ended as per their wish...their happiness..their comfort..!!!! I guess my friend should have suggested me this na...!!!

Anyways i think i will be back on track to normal life within a week now..but by then my college winter vacations would already have u guys get another 15 days to forget me completely... adios.
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Moods and People

Friday, November 28, 2008
Moods and people have quite a lot of similarities,the major being-both are UNPREDICTABLE..!! You can't judge how they are gonna be in the very next moment..and these days these are the two things I am trying to understand...!!!

At one moment,u may feel that everything is right in place and there is all happiness around U..makes u feel on the top of the world.U may find a lot of reasons to be happy even in the little-little things..and then sometime later,U feel that nothing is actually falling in place. There is nothing-absolutely nothing to be happy about.even all the correct things of the world seem to be wrong..all wrong.!!! The reason for this abrupt change could be either mood swing or some people..surely one of the two didn't act the way u expected them to..!!!

Well the harder u try to understand the two,the more confused u will be..!!! So forget it and be happy... :)
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Dilli meri jaan..

Friday, October 3, 2008
Heya..finally my holidays have started and so i am back to my blog world.And just for the fact that i didn't want to get bored sitting at home or rather sleeping all day long coz all my friends are busy(dunno with what..coz every time u call them up,they will be sleeping at home..grrr..) and by the time they will b free(,my holidays would have ended, so i decided to join a short term course.And now sitting in the class,the thing i miss the most is my comfortable bed..the classes are so boring that they make me go to sleep,and thanx to my specs,the teacher can never make out whether my eyes are open or shut..But i seriously hate sleeping on those chairs,they are comfortable but nothing compared to my cozy bed..

Well i hate these classes even more coz i have to travel in the scorching heat of Delhi which just sucks every drop of water out of you and gives you added benefits of tanned skin.. :( And considering the number of bomb-blasts Delhi is facing,i cant actually believe i risk my life everyday just to attend some damn classes in college..(did i say attend..oh yeah physically i am always present..)..I mean if it would have been for hanging out at some cool place with friends or watching some movie in a multiplex,i wouldn't have given it a second thought..but classes..!!!

But u know at this time our college seems to be the safest place in Delhi..coz even the people living near it are not aware that something of such sort exists there,so u gotta tell them everything about it..and in buses when people see so many students with bags,they are actually worried about where are all these going..Quite a few people even asked me...and when i say qiute a few,i mean if 1 more uncle asks me this,he would make the century..!!
I am bored of answering this question every morning,so now if some uncle asks me-"Is there some college here"..I feel like sayin-"nopes..i am so fond of u and aunty..that i thought y not have breakfast wid u at ur place..coz my mom doesnt give me anything to eat anyhow..n den u may drop me to my college which falls exactly in the opposite direction..!!"

But seriously.i miss the working days of college..they are so much dont have to study in classes,eating lunch as soon as the teacher turns towards the blackboard,sitting and chatting all day long,canteen seems the favorite place,having fun in the practicals,making fun of each other,trying to play a few sports..just try(..hehe.)..everything seems so good..

Anyways all of you take care guys coz Delhi is no more a safe place to be in..Zara hat bach k,ye he Dilli meri jaan..bye.god bless you :)
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Saturday, September 6, 2008
Sitting on the stairs of my college at eight in the morning,waiting for the class to start.It rained a short while ago and the cool breeze made the weather even better. The trees, the birds, everything seemed so happy, but I wasn't. These things which I always adored no longer seemed to please me. My mind was preoccupied with a hell lot of questions and it wanted answers..!!!

To begin with, why do we take things for granted? We dont know what is gonna happen tomorrow,or for that matter, a minute later but still we go on and plan things as if everything is gonna happen our way. And when it doesn't ,we start the BLAME GAME..!!!
Why do people lie..what for? What's the harm in saying the truth? Why are they so mean? Just to get something or save themselves for some situation, they lie not realizing that this damn lie of theirs can cause someone a big deal..!! We gotta pay for your deeds..Damn U..!!!
Why is it necessary to say everything? Why don't people understand a few things without saying? Recently i realized this. Everyone knows u really adore something and want it badly. U may even give anything just to get that thing,but its beyond your reach. But when it is available and you can easily get it, this SOMEONE just comes from nowhere, asks for it and takes it away. Reason- You didn't SAY u want it at that moment..!!! What the hell?? Didnt you know I want it or rather need it more..!!
Why cant things go our way? Why does it have to rain and the weather has to be great when my mood sucks..and why is it that when i am happy, not even a single bird chirps and the sun seems to be so cruel??
Why doesn't anyone wait for others? I have heard that those who wait for others are always left behind, but can anyone just tell me what are you gonna get get by reaching somewhere when you don't have anyone with you..Yes, you are the winner,but with whom are you gonna celebrate your victory??
Why is life so hard and so unpredictable? Maybe b'coz monotony is boring, but unfolding of truths at such a fast pace is so scary. Its like a big maze in which you don't know where is the end and add to that you gotta face all shit..!!

I know life is unfair..but why cant it be unfair to my favour?
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Monday, August 18, 2008
Hey all you people..i am back again..a lot has been happening these days..first things congrats to Abhinav Bindra for getting us the first solo gold medal at Olympics..cheers..hope we get many more this time..n ya someone said this guy resembles my I am getting a treat from him now.. ;)

Finally after such a hectic week,we got three days off...starting with the Independence Day..well except for the fact that we got a day off,there was nothing else that made me feel it was something of national importance..and unlike the friendship day,no one even bothered to msg each finally i bought a flag from the road side seller just to get a feel of the independence day..then came the next day-RAKHI....well the best day in the whole year coz we get whatever we ask for and sometimes even what we except for a large number of gifts,i got a lot of my favourite thing-CHOCOLATES..well i am a complete chocolate-addict,so this was the most obvious gift i could have asked for..its something i ask for as a gift on every occasion..i just wish we get to celebrate rakhi at least once every month..but then maybe i would turn into a fat pumpkin..hehe..!!!! i didnt even realise when sunday passed..i got up at noon,and suddenly it was midnight..i dont know where did the remaining 12 hours go...hehe..

After such a fabulous weekend,it was time to go back to college again..n life is tougher now,i have to attend some short term courses as well,which includes learning was the first class and i couldnt understand even one word in it..hope i learn how to say HI and BYE atleast in russian before the course ends...well the problem with hectic schedule is i miss my dreaming dont miss out on my sleep obviously..but if you sleep when you are tired,you dont dream..and all my life,i slept just to dream..coz you rule that world and everything happens your way i really miss them yaar..

Anyways before i forget,last time i published a post on my blog,one of my gud friends told me that my blog wasnt worth reading coz firstly,i write all crap and secondly, "kya fyada likhne ka..hamare bare me thodi na likhti he.." so here it is..

To all my friends whom i havent met for quite sometime


I miss all the wonderful time that we spend together,..hope we get to spend many such memorable moments together again.. :)
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Its Raining...

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Life has been a bit busy since college started again..its much like first year except for the fact that we need to act more responsible now coz we are SENIORS...this is the line that we hear 100 times a day by our teachers..

But for us,life is exactly the same.we are expected to study like book-worms the whole day..firslty in the classes where every teacher comes,teaches us their own philosophies and leaves...they are not supposed to teach us afterall.. and then spend the rest of the day in the lab trying to get some damn result(..which obviously we arent able to..)..and then we have to get back home..comlete the work they gave us...that is make seminars on the topics our teachers didnt feel like u know we study everything on our own...n ya,we do suggest our juniors about which books they should consult to study..which we didnt when we were in first year..!!!

Anyways besides this toture that we have to face...everything is going good in is as usual fun..having fun with your friends..trying hands at various sports like basketball these days and getting hurt as well...and watching movies with friends...well as monsoon season is on,my favourite activity is to get drenched in the rain..i dont know why people complain about rains,traffic jams,water-logging and can they..if you do complain about it,u gotta be nuts..i love rain..the best thing in the world is to get wet in the rain..its raining better have fun...!!!

In fact i do wonder sometimes why do people complain so much about anything and everything..sometimes its good to be happy even without any reason..havenot u heard the famous kal ho na ho dialogue..
aaj ek hasi aur hass lo..
aaj ek dua aur maang lo
aaj ek aansu aur pee lo
aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo
kya pta kal ho na ho.. :)

Always keep smiling guys..never frown even when you are sad coz you never know who is falling in love wid ur smile.. :)
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Jaane tu..ya jaane na

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Life has been gud to me boring holidays are gonna end soon.all set to gear up for the new of classes..JUNIORS....ragging..finally back to LIFE..i guess its gonna be fun to have 'introduction' with our fucchas,the way our seniors did..we are just gonna walk on their footsteps just to make sure we dont get any blames..(..hehehe..)

Anyways to make my holidays less boring,I recently saw Jaane tu..ya jaane na ..nice film..although i heard from somebody that the movie hasnt got good ratings,but trust me,its a much-watch film..Imraan khan n i dnt rembr the name of the gal opposite him(aditi in film) have done a damn gud job..n ya imraan is luking tooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and oh-so-handsome..he plays the character of a guy whom most of the gals would cherish being with..sweet,caring,full-on masti,n ya gud luking as
n aditi..sweet next door gal..thats all i can decsribe about her character..actually i couldnt concentrate on her much in the film..was busy watching imraan..u see..mmmmmmm....

Ya my results are out..though they arent that gud,but ya still have got respectable marks n a gud rank in my college...its better to mention your rank when telling your result to your parents..u know a good rank actually lowers the raised eyebrows a bit..n u get to face less scrutiny..although complete disection of the result will surely take place when i get my marksheet home..well hope to get better results next year...

Anyways i was jsut wondering how easily two and a half months of holidays have passed and i havent done anything worth..ofcourse except sleeping all day long..n starting my own blog..well i started a lot of things but left them pretty soon like i started drawing,painting n all..even tried out a sketch,but that resembled some ghost from some horror left that painting thing..then i gotta learn driving..well havent bumped into anyone as such,but u may say "was just about to kill a few people here and there" i moved on..then thought of learning music..n believe me its too tough..i would better b a bathroom singer than a trained one..i cant put in so many hours practising it,and that too classical ragas..then i stared to learn cooking..and it wasnt that bad..actually couldnt get to know how it bro didnt allow me to experiment it on him..couldnt find anyone
Finally i have decided i am better off as a student 'coz all i know is to sleep,munch on whatever i can lay my hands on and ya study as well(..a day before exams..)..

Just in case u r gonna try any of these contact me..i will let u know.."what not to do"..
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Power Of Goodbye

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Well life is a big enigma..a puzzle..the more you try to solve it, the more complex it gets..but still we keep on trying..

I was wondering that on various occasions in life, we are provided with two we are standing at the junction and we can see two roads diverging from there but we have to choose only one..the one which will take us ahead in life, and which we will cherish walking on..but the dilemma is we don't know which one is better for us. we have to make the most difficult choice for ourselves...many people consider that the two roads are presided by two main components-the head and the heart. choosing one from them is not only tough but next to impossible coz head without heart and heart without head are of no significance.
And to make it worse, you have a lot of people to advise you, their advice is never wrong but everyone presents their own point of view which makes the situation even worse.It becomes even more tougher to choose the path we wanna walk on.So instead of taking our own decision we go with the person whose perception towards the situation seems to be most impressive.And mostly, it helps coz if it doesn't work out , you surely have someone to blame..(..clever me!!!..)

But according to me, while taking such decisions, whatever your heart says must be kept in consideration but the significant role should be played by your mind..coz
The medicine which seems bitter to our tongue, proves to be beneficial for us..

n ya regarding the title for the post...well this song was being played in the background when i was writing this post..hence the name..Power of goodbye by Madonna from the album Ray Of Light..

"Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is the the warning that somethings wrong
I pray to God that it wont be long

there's nothing left to try
there's no place left to hide
there's no greater power
than the Power of Goodbye"
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Monday, June 23, 2008
Time passes by so swiftly...

Last year this time..most of us were waiting for our board entrance exams..waiting for the results..n kept worrying the whole day.."whats gonna happen to our careers..where are v gonna land up...hum kuch bnaenge bhi ya..."..but this year..we are just having fun in delhi's scorching heat...!!! waiting for our college to reopen n meet our freshers...
so before we get so involved in this new college life of ours where we will b seniors after all..will take panga wid our fuchaas..we planned a reunion of ur school friends so that we could sit together after an year..n discuss in what ways our life has changed in this 1 big year..

So we all planned it out n decided to meet..n the restaurant v had decided..there were 9 of them in v all ended up sitting in a different outlet n waiting for others to arrive..n kept grumbling coz everyone was late..MISMANAGEMENT..after all gals will b gals..
But we are not so dumb n soon we realised our mistake..but it took us an hour to actually decide one outlet n everyone to get there..but when v met each other,felt as if the chaos that v created was worth it..its great fun to meet all ur friends after an year n see how everyone has changed so much..u all look so different..n u notice that wen u get back home,luk for ur school pics n realise yup,even i have changed a lot.
From chirpy,pranky,sometimes nice n sometimes devil,somewhat cute n naughty school gals who dont even know what sophistication is (u cant expect girls school pass outs to behave their way..v dont have any etiquette n v r proud to be that way), everyone had turned into oh-so-sophisticated college going gals..with the latest hairstyles,accessories,n attitude..(u have attitude if u r from gals school..n college just enhances it.) n mostly belonging to DU..(including me)..v have tons of it..n ya the biggest change..our tomboys acted oh-so-girly types...waaaaooooooooooow
We chatted for i dnt even remember how many felt great to know where v all landed life been shaping itself..n even being in different careers now..we had 1 thing in common..we missed each other a lot..n discussing all those lovely times that we spent together made everyone nostalgic..the pranks we played on we used to tease each other for the most silly things in the world..felt stupid at the things we did..but that was our world..n the best days of our lives...
But now we all have changed.have got a new world for friends..n ya of course new boyfrnds..hehe..but sum of our gud friends have bcum committed..(pity them...)...n sum r committed to the extent that they have even changed their surname as well on facebook...(...??????...)
N then our cells began ringing...time to,it wasnt a call from home..everyone had to go n meet sum one or the other..(ahem ahem),few had to attend their trainings(ahhh..!!!!)...but poor we or should i say lucky we..we had to get back home..coz there was no place to go n no one to meet..

But all of us r gonna remember this great reunion..n v promised v r gonna meet every year..just to get along as to know wats up in every one's life..n to laugh at ourselves Even more..n ya we even need to know wat happens to our committed souls...
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