Monday, June 23, 2008
Time passes by so swiftly...

Last year this time..most of us were waiting for our board results..giving entrance exams..waiting for the results..n kept worrying the whole day.."whats gonna happen to our careers..where are v gonna land up...hum kuch bnaenge bhi ya..."..but this year..we are just having fun in delhi's scorching heat...!!! waiting for our college to reopen n meet our freshers...
so before we get so involved in this new college life of ours where we will b seniors after all..will take panga wid our fuchaas..we planned a reunion of ur school friends so that we could sit together after an year..n discuss in what ways our life has changed in this 1 big year..

So we all planned it out n decided to meet..n the restaurant v had decided..there were 9 of them in cp..so v all ended up sitting in a different outlet n waiting for others to arrive..n kept grumbling coz everyone was late..MISMANAGEMENT..after all gals will b gals..
But we are not so dumb n soon we realised our mistake..but it took us an hour to actually decide one outlet n everyone to get there..but when v met each other,felt as if the chaos that v created was worth it..its great fun to meet all ur friends after an year n see how everyone has changed so much..u all look so different..n u notice that wen u get back home,luk for ur school pics n realise yup,even i have changed a lot.
From chirpy,pranky,sometimes nice n sometimes devil,somewhat cute n naughty school gals who dont even know what sophistication is (u cant expect girls school pass outs to behave their way..v dont have any etiquette n v r proud to be that way), everyone had turned into oh-so-sophisticated college going gals..with the latest hairstyles,accessories,n attitude..(u have attitude if u r from gals school..n college just enhances it.) n mostly belonging to DU..(including me)..v have tons of it..n ya the biggest change..our tomboys acted oh-so-girly types...waaaaooooooooooow
We chatted for i dnt even remember how many hours..it felt great to know where v all landed up..how life been shaping itself..n even being in different careers now..we had 1 thing in common..we missed each other a lot..n discussing all those lovely times that we spent together made everyone nostalgic..the pranks we played on teachers..how we used to tease each other for the most silly things in the world..felt stupid at the things we did..but that was our world..n the best days of our lives...
But now we all have changed.have got a new world for ourselves..new friends..n ya of course new boyfrnds..hehe..but sum of our gud friends have bcum committed..(pity them...)...n sum r committed to the extent that they have even changed their surname as well on facebook...(...??????...)
N then our cells began ringing...time to leave...no,it wasnt a call from home..everyone had to go n meet sum one or the other..(ahem ahem),few had to attend their trainings(ahhh..!!!!)...but poor we or should i say lucky we..we had to get back home..coz there was no place to go n no one to meet..

But all of us r gonna remember this great reunion..n v promised v r gonna meet every year..just to get along as to know wats up in every one's life..n to laugh at ourselves Even more..n ya we even need to know wat happens to our committed souls...


  1. awsum yaaaaaarrrrrr..
    u wrote well...gr8 feelings..everything put up soooooo wellllll

  2. hey yaar.......
    realy cool blog..arey u did nt leave a thng...hehe,,,...mast hai...n haan uss din kaafi acha lga tha sbse mil kr:)...

  3. isha khanna...dis is d first gud thing u hv ever done in ur lyf..and i srsly luv u for it...
    its amazin...and m keenly looking 4ward 2 another reunion of ours...jst loved to meet u all...n will stay for longer hrs next time...lol..

  4. grt job..by reading tht i can jst imagine tht how much fun u mst had with all together,,,be always like tht,,,,,

  5. hey isha u wrote well now i think dat may be i missed smthing.agar fir jb bhi plann banega reunion ka ill definitely be there.

  6. heya isha good job...well said completely...i mn no one cud at all describe that better.good times afterall..lookin forward to meet up again...loads ov luv.tc

  7. hey....nice meeting....hehe...jab tak confusion naa ho..tab tak milne ka maza hi kya....gud job isha dear...

  8. oye u rite so gud lollzz..i dint kno..neways reading it felt as if i was reliving those old skul moments..n oh shit y d hell dint i cum 4 d reunion....ma mistake neways....it was gr8...yaar..hope u ll b riting this exp.. every year after the reunion.......n most of us r comitted now..wese hu all ??????haha............

  9. Padh ke hum ko lagaa jaise hum bhi wahin tha....saw everything....good writing!

  10. awesome yaar !!
    it really feels gr888 2 catch up wid ur old frnzz ...
    N its really gud dat u hav got such affectionate feelings 4 dem all...
    i hope dat u neva lo$e ur frnzzz....
    luv u sis ...

  11. thanx all f u for likin my first post..luv ya all...

  12. Hey....really liked it...
    Even m feeling quite nostalgic after reading it...Met my skool frens a week bck....
    Keep it up!

  13. wow isha thats a amazing blog,wish i was in that reunion,great work

  14. its really nice...
    i was really touched even i started remembering the old happy go lucky days of school with my friends & all........
    superb yaar

  15. Gr888 wk yaar srsly...keep it up dear.I enjoyed readin each n every line..omg u toh hav utilised ur hols ;).Chal all d best n hope 2 c more n more intrestin stuff in future ;)

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