Power Of Goodbye

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Well life is a big enigma..a puzzle..the more you try to solve it, the more complex it gets..but still we keep on trying..

I was wondering that on various occasions in life, we are provided with two options..like we are standing at the junction and we can see two roads diverging from there but we have to choose only one..the one which will take us ahead in life, and which we will cherish walking on..but the dilemma is we don't know which one is better for us. we have to make the most difficult choice for ourselves...many people consider that the two roads are presided by two main components-the head and the heart. choosing one from them is not only tough but next to impossible coz head without heart and heart without head are of no significance.
And to make it worse, you have a lot of people to advise you, their advice is never wrong but everyone presents their own point of view which makes the situation even worse.It becomes even more tougher to choose the path we wanna walk on.So instead of taking our own decision we go with the person whose perception towards the situation seems to be most impressive.And mostly, it helps coz if it doesn't work out , you surely have someone to blame..(..clever me!!!..)

But according to me, while taking such decisions, whatever your heart says must be kept in consideration but the significant role should be played by your mind..coz
The medicine which seems bitter to our tongue, proves to be beneficial for us..

n ya regarding the title for the post...well this song was being played in the background when i was writing this post..hence the name..Power of goodbye by Madonna from the album Ray Of Light..

"Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is the the warning that somethings wrong
I pray to God that it wont be long

there's nothing left to try
there's no place left to hide
there's no greater power
than the Power of Goodbye"


  1. very true isha...accha y dnt u do smthing in philosophy rather than BMS...hehe...jk...gud job dear.

  2. hmm..main b yehi soch rhi hun...BMS krke kya krungi..lollzzz

  3. achha hai yar...its nt boring...atleast,u r speaking ur heart out....gud job..

  4. awsum ladki.mjhse bahut kuch sikh gayi.
    but watever...its gr8

  5. haa isha..sahi me...poet ya philosopher ya writer ban ja.. ;-p ...haha..!!!!!!!!

  6. aaila.. bahut high funda ho gaya re

  7. B gud job, mane socha b ne tha ki tere demag mae esa kuch b hai, but jo likha hai acha hai in all blogs.


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