Monday, August 18, 2008
Hey all you people..i am back again..a lot has been happening these days..first things first..so congrats to Abhinav Bindra for getting us the first solo gold medal at Olympics..cheers..hope we get many more this time..n ya someone said this guy resembles my bro..so I am getting a treat from him now.. ;)

Finally after such a hectic week,we got three days off...starting with the Independence Day..well except for the fact that we got a day off,there was nothing else that made me feel it was something of national importance..and unlike the friendship day,no one even bothered to msg each other..so finally i bought a flag from the road side seller just to get a feel of the independence day..then came the next day-RAKHI....well the best day in the whole year coz we get whatever we ask for and sometimes even what we dont..so except for a large number of gifts,i got a lot of my favourite thing-CHOCOLATES..well i am a complete chocolate-addict,so this was the most obvious gift i could have asked for..its something i ask for as a gift on every occasion..i just wish we get to celebrate rakhi at least once every month..but then maybe i would turn into a fat pumpkin..hehe..!!!! i didnt even realise when sunday passed..i got up at noon,and suddenly it was midnight..i dont know where did the remaining 12 hours go...hehe..

After such a fabulous weekend,it was time to go back to college again..n life is tougher now,i have to attend some short term courses as well,which includes learning russian..today was the first class and i couldnt understand even one word in it..hope i learn how to say HI and BYE atleast in russian before the course ends...well the problem with hectic schedule is i miss my dreaming session..no.i dont miss out on my sleep obviously..but if you sleep when you are tired,you dont dream..and all my life,i slept just to dream..coz you rule that world and everything happens your way there..so i really miss them yaar..

Anyways before i forget,last time i published a post on my blog,one of my gud friends told me that my blog wasnt worth reading coz firstly,i write all crap and secondly, "kya fyada likhne ka..hamare bare me thodi na likhti he.." so here it is..

To all my friends whom i havent met for quite sometime


I miss all the wonderful time that we spend together,..hope we get to spend many such memorable moments together again.. :)
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Its Raining...

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Life has been a bit busy since college started again..its much like first year except for the fact that we need to act more responsible now coz we are SENIORS...this is the line that we hear 100 times a day by our teachers..

But for us,life is exactly the same.we are expected to study like book-worms the whole day..firslty in the classes where every teacher comes,teaches us their own philosophies and leaves...they are not supposed to teach us afterall.. and then spend the rest of the day in the lab trying to get some damn result(..which obviously we arent able to..)..and then we have to get back home..comlete the work they gave us...that is make seminars on the topics our teachers didnt feel like teaching...so u know we study everything on our own...n ya,we do suggest our juniors about which books they should consult to study..which we didnt when we were in first year..!!!

Anyways besides this toture that we have to face...everything is going good in life...college is as usual fun..having fun with your friends..trying hands at various sports like basketball these days and getting hurt as well...and watching movies with friends...well as monsoon season is on,my favourite activity is to get drenched in the rain..i dont know why people complain about rains,traffic jams,water-logging and all...how can they..if you do complain about it,u gotta be nuts..i love rain..the best thing in the world is to get wet in the rain..its raining guys...so better have fun...!!!

In fact i do wonder sometimes why do people complain so much about anything and everything..sometimes its good to be happy even without any reason..havenot u heard the famous kal ho na ho dialogue..
aaj ek hasi aur hass lo..
aaj ek dua aur maang lo
aaj ek aansu aur pee lo
aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo
kya pta kal ho na ho.. :)

Always keep smiling guys..never frown even when you are sad coz you never know who is falling in love wid ur smile.. :)
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