Saturday, September 6, 2008
Sitting on the stairs of my college at eight in the morning,waiting for the class to start.It rained a short while ago and the cool breeze made the weather even better. The trees, the birds, everything seemed so happy, but I wasn't. These things which I always adored no longer seemed to please me. My mind was preoccupied with a hell lot of questions and it wanted answers..!!!

To begin with, why do we take things for granted? We dont know what is gonna happen tomorrow,or for that matter, a minute later but still we go on and plan things as if everything is gonna happen our way. And when it doesn't ,we start the BLAME GAME..!!!
Why do people lie..what for? What's the harm in saying the truth? Why are they so mean? Just to get something or save themselves for some situation, they lie not realizing that this damn lie of theirs can cause someone a big deal..!! We gotta pay for your deeds..Damn U..!!!
Why is it necessary to say everything? Why don't people understand a few things without saying? Recently i realized this. Everyone knows u really adore something and want it badly. U may even give anything just to get that thing,but its beyond your reach. But when it is available and you can easily get it, this SOMEONE just comes from nowhere, asks for it and takes it away. Reason- You didn't SAY u want it at that moment..!!! What the hell?? Didnt you know I want it or rather need it more..!!
Why cant things go our way? Why does it have to rain and the weather has to be great when my mood sucks..and why is it that when i am happy, not even a single bird chirps and the sun seems to be so cruel??
Why doesn't anyone wait for others? I have heard that those who wait for others are always left behind, but can anyone just tell me what are you gonna get get by reaching somewhere when you don't have anyone with you..Yes, you are the winner,but with whom are you gonna celebrate your victory??
Why is life so hard and so unpredictable? Maybe b'coz monotony is boring, but unfolding of truths at such a fast pace is so scary. Its like a big maze in which you don't know where is the end and add to that you gotta face all shit..!!

I know life is unfair..but why cant it be unfair to my favour?
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