Dilli meri jaan..

Friday, October 3, 2008
Heya..finally my holidays have started and so i am back to my blog world.And just for the fact that i didn't want to get bored sitting at home or rather sleeping all day long coz all my friends are busy(dunno with what..coz every time u call them up,they will be sleeping at home..grrr..) and by the time they will b free(..so-called-free..),my holidays would have ended, so i decided to join a short term course.And now sitting in the class,the thing i miss the most is my comfortable bed..the classes are so boring that they make me go to sleep,and thanx to my specs,the teacher can never make out whether my eyes are open or shut..But i seriously hate sleeping on those chairs,they are comfortable but nothing compared to my cozy bed..

Well i hate these classes even more coz i have to travel in the scorching heat of Delhi which just sucks every drop of water out of you and gives you added benefits of tanned skin.. :( And considering the number of bomb-blasts Delhi is facing,i cant actually believe i risk my life everyday just to attend some damn classes in college..(did i say attend..oh yeah physically i am always present..)..I mean if it would have been for hanging out at some cool place with friends or watching some movie in a multiplex,i wouldn't have given it a second thought..but classes..!!!

But u know at this time our college seems to be the safest place in Delhi..coz even the people living near it are not aware that something of such sort exists there,so u gotta tell them everything about it..and in buses when people see so many students with bags,they are actually worried about where are all these going..Quite a few people even asked me...and when i say qiute a few,i mean if 1 more uncle asks me this,he would make the century..!!
I am bored of answering this question every morning,so now if some uncle asks me-"Is there some college here"..I feel like sayin-"nopes..i am so fond of u and aunty..that i thought y not have breakfast wid u at ur place..coz my mom doesnt give me anything to eat anyhow..n den u may drop me to my college which falls exactly in the opposite direction..!!"

But seriously.i miss the working days of college..they are so much fun..you dont have to study in classes,eating lunch as soon as the teacher turns towards the blackboard,sitting and chatting all day long,canteen seems the favorite place,having fun in the practicals,making fun of each other,trying to play a few sports..just try(..hehe.)..everything seems so good..

Anyways all of you take care guys coz Delhi is no more a safe place to be in..Zara hat k..zara bach k,ye he Dilli meri jaan..bye.god bless you :)
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