Moods and People

Friday, November 28, 2008
Moods and people have quite a lot of similarities,the major being-both are UNPREDICTABLE..!! You can't judge how they are gonna be in the very next moment..and these days these are the two things I am trying to understand...!!!

At one moment,u may feel that everything is right in place and there is all happiness around U..makes u feel on the top of the world.U may find a lot of reasons to be happy even in the little-little things..and then sometime later,U feel that nothing is actually falling in place. There is nothing-absolutely nothing to be happy about.even all the correct things of the world seem to be wrong..all wrong.!!! The reason for this abrupt change could be either mood swing or some people..surely one of the two didn't act the way u expected them to..!!!

Well the harder u try to understand the two,the more confused u will be..!!! So forget it and be happy... :)
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