Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry christmas to you... n ya just in case santa uncles misses out my name in his list for gifts, i will accept gifts from all of you.. :)
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Slow Motion..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Heya people..well better take care of everything that u consume in the marriages that u attend these days...or else u might end up being at my position..this single marriage costed me being at complete bed rest for a month at least..mujhe jaundice ho gya he.... :( :( :(

Well i thought there are quite a lot of benefits if u are suggested complete bed rest by your doctor..lying in bed the whole day,sleeping sleeping n sleeping,watching movies,chatting on phone the whole day,etc etc..all these dreams are shattered as soon as you step into reality..firstly u cant just get up from your bed unless u need to puke the very next moment.U do get to lie in the bed crying with stomach-ache.Sleeping..yeah u can do that all day long as u dont have stomach-ache n vomiting n u still feel you are alive. Although in some days these two things do get in control n u get a life..but then sleeping 24X7 for a month continuously...HEAVEN..wont u call it..i would call it hell..!!!

Chatting on phone is an intersting option..initially people do call up to know how bad condition you are in..but later they just call up to know whether u are still alive or they can be happy...watever..!!!

In past few days or centuries as i feel them,a lot has happened in the world outside..terrorist attack on mumbai which was the saddest of all,resignations n reappointments of ministers,elections in delhi,Sheila Dixit's government a third time,Pakistan's ever changing statements..quite a lot!!But apart from these things a lot changed in the lives of people around

When my life got on to a slower pace,their lives kicked ahead with a faster pace.And being absolutely cut from the world outside i had no clue what was happening in my that i am trying to come back to my regular life,i don't know where to start from.It seems everything is shattered to pieces..n i don't know which piece i have to pick up first to complete this maze..well if u still couldn't get it..this diseased state of mine taught me a lot..what people are and how easily they change..

When i went to college the last time,guess a month back,i had a world of mine..with a lot of friends and some close friends..but i guess i need to redefine the world 'close' or even better they did it for me..In past few days someone suggested me to blog again for a time pas about anything like pollution or terrorism or my days with illness..I chose the third but i guess i should have written about they are build..modified..and then ended as per their wish...their happiness..their comfort..!!!! I guess my friend should have suggested me this na...!!!

Anyways i think i will be back on track to normal life within a week now..but by then my college winter vacations would already have u guys get another 15 days to forget me completely... adios.
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