Best Buddies...

Friday, December 11, 2009
So finally, my final year of graduation is gonna end very soon and remembering all the time I have spent here makes me feel so nostalgic. The first day we met, nobody thought all these idiots could make such a great bunch of buddies. But all these three years have been the best time of our lives. So I dedicate this post to all my friends who have contributed in making my college life memorable.

Ashima.. One of my bestest friends..She is the craziest person..from wearing cute angel-wali socks to wearing bhoot-wala pajama to endorsing blue nail-paint coz she was going to watch movie 'blue', she has done it ;) she is always innovative n ise har cheez cute hi chahiye..but i just cant get bored when she is around..and for me, College - Ashi = Nothing :)

Yugal.. He is the stud of our college..coolest guy who does everything in style...kayi ladkiya fida he ispe..hehe ;) He is full of energy and has got a great sense of humour so its always fun to be with him..but ise sbka mzaak udane me bahut mazaa ata he...n apni pics lene me bhi..should have opted for being a model..bda successful rehta..galat field me fas :p

Shikha aka Bachi.. Ye sirf dikhne me hi bachi lgti he ;) she has changed alot since first year in terms of looks and brains :D she is very cute but i must tell u don't go in for her looks coz iski violent streak badi dangerous :p

Anit.. Wherever u can hear someone laughing on the top of his voice n sentences like "are meri jaan","hum to aise hi he","mauj kr mauj" u are sure to find him around.ise sirf sbka mzaak udana ata he...but mazee to tab ate he jab iski baari aati he...kyu lambu?? :P

Anita.. All she can think about is maine kal n aaj same hairstyle to nhi bana liya...but trust me i could never differentiate between any of her "so-called different looks" :p She is extremely nuts..can laugh uncontrollably for hours without anybody knowing the reason of her amusement.. :)

Saurabh aka Dev Anand.. He is so happy-go-lucky kinda person,bada khush rehta he..sbko bhi bada khush rakhta he...itna jhut to kaafi hoga na...hehe.. seriously he has extreme emotions..pta hi nhi chalta ise hua kya he..but jesa bhi he..he is sweetest of all coz ye meri har baat bade pyaar se maan leta he :)

Nitesh.. One thing worth noticing about him is his spikes,which he is so obsessed with..he is a lazy folk and he gets up to do something only when you challenge him for it..i hope you got the hint k isse kaam kese krwna he... ;)

Ankit.. The PJ king..i bet you cant find him a good competitor in this field..he is the only one amongst us who loves to study (dunno y)..n u will always find him going back home with two books in his bag and one in each hand..phew..but somehow humne ise thoda sa sudhar diya he :D

Abhishek.. Last but the best of all...he is only guy i have seen till date who can leave behind every girl in the art of blushing...i mean iski shaadi k video me dulhan se zyada ye sharmaega with his cheeks going absolutely red.. ;) oops you wouldn't be able to see that coz he is so camera conscious..he never lets anybody take his pic..n yeah his favourite pastime is downloading antiviruses 24 X u can guess what this shy guy is gonna gift his girlfriend on their first date.. :P

Isha.. Yeah thats me..but ab main apni tareef khud kese you all may drop in you comments mere bare me..but yeah is sbka badla mat nikal lena...hehe...luv u guys... :)
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Yippi..its raining..

Friday, November 13, 2009
Hello people..hope you are enjoying the rain outside...yeah its pretty cold but seems like the perfect weather to me when you can sit on your porch with a mug of coffee in your hand enjoying the chilly wind hitting across your face and giving you sweet shivers..i can do it all day long..that's the reason why i love winters :)

Anyhow i am in my final year and am heavily overburdened by studies that i don't even get time for myself...phew! ok ok don't give me those "what-a-fantastic-liar" looks..i am supposed to be doing so...and hopefully i will start doing that in a few months :P

I saw "17 again" recently..yeah the one which features zac effron..he is soooooooooo cute...seriously.. :) but the movie made me ask myself-

"if given a chance to relive your life,would you want to change something that you did??"

I don't think i would like to change anything and that's not because i have lived the most perfect life without making any mistakes..i have made a lot of mistakes and haven't even learned from most of them(so i committed them again n again..kya pta kisi din kuch seekh jaun.. :P )..but whatever it lead to,it was fun for me.. n i would continue living it this way so that when i will be like 70-80 yrs old n main buddhi ho jaungi.. at least i will have something jinhe main yaad krke hass sku :)

Thank god i didn't answer like a contestant in beauty pageant competitions..coz such type of questions are generally asked there..once a contestant in my school's farewell function was asked what will you want to be in your next life..the most common answer will be myself..but the reason she gave was-coz i have the best of school..the best of faculty..the best of teachers..the best of principle..blah blah!! ;)

By the way what will be your answer to my lemme know..
n leaving you with a new piece of poetry...comments expected ;)

Everyday I woke up
in search of something new
It had always been the same life
until I met You.
I was lost in the crowd of people
forgetting who am I
that's when tables turned
and something caught my eye.

Walking amongst the crowd
was the most cheerful face ever
the way you looked in my eyes
really made me shiver.
You held my hand and led me
to the world of fantasies
life started being beautiful
and full of ecstasies.

Now the times have changed
and we stand far apart
But i wont ever bear a grudge
against you in my heart.
There is still a thread of love
that connects me to you
so however hard you try
can't bid me adieu.
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Ye kya ho gya...

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Hello finally i am writing after quite a long time..I was just wondering how quickly time passes by..It was just yesterday that i joined this college and now i am in my final year..thinking about all these years is a nostalgic feeling..A lot of things have changed in this time but the biggest change that you can notice is in ME..

I have changed quite a lot in these two i fit in a jeans which is two size smaller than what i bought when i was in first year..i just love this change but people don't seem to like it..specially my bro who suggests that i should buy the heaviest cell phone in the market so that i can reach home safely even in a windy is constant i know but things change over so slowly and gradually that we don't even seem to realise them until one fine day someone pin points it to us..

Well i have become the biggest spy i have ever friends suggest i should join will help our nation atleast..coz all the spying i do is good to nobody in particular..but i can tell what u are doing even when i am sitting miles away from you :D

Next big change is that i have become so impatient..if i call you up and you don't pick up the phone within three rings,then even people standing next to you can hear me screaming at you when you pick the phone..and if i msg somebody i need a reply within 15 seconds..ok lets settle at 10 seconds..i guess my brain has started living in the world of superfast does things in you people are actually late..its not my fault yaar :D

Oh this last description of mine would have already told you about my temper i guess..i don't really think i need to describe it anymore..but the change that i hate the most is I have actually become a rotlu... :( I never thought i could become a cry baby but to my horror i have already become this is what i hate about myself the most..I get pissed off in a second and wouldn't come back to normal for hours..i am so disgusting..i know this is the word which i always use to describe other people but now i am one of them..

Okay enough of thinking about the person i was earlier i fell in love with i was really wondering how do my friends and family tolerate me..hats off to you guys..coz if i would have met someone like me i would have surely hated that this is my sincere thanks to all of you who have been tolerating me for all this time...n ya sorry as well..but now m back to what i always used to guys beware..ISHA is back now and that too with a bang.... :)

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Thursday, June 4, 2009
It seems like yesterday
Didn't think things would go this way
But the wheels of life are turning
With every bit of me churning..

Time goes by so fast
Can't even see when present becomes past
But the harder you try to hold on
The faster it seems to be gone
Leaving you behind
With memories in mind
And desires calling out loud
To live my life proud..

I wish I could pause life here
Can't see things becoming worse dear
Can't gather the courage to see
All that is left is ME.
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Monday, May 18, 2009
Hey guys....this is the first time i wrote a poem..don't think its that good but just wanted to share it with you..

Sometimes I wander the streets in search for something
something which is special to my heart
yet when I wanna describe it to someone
it seems I am at a loss of words...

Sometimes I keep on thinking about something
something which occupies my mind all day long
yet when I try to figure it out
it seems like a mystery which cant be solved...

Sometimes my heart wants to cry out loud
cry for something which i have just lost
yet when i wanna set my heart free
it seems like the tears disagree...

Sometimes my soul wants to be freed
freed from the burden life has given it
yet when it tries to break the cage
it seems it has already died,though i m still in rage!
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Exam Time...!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My long exams preparatory leave have just begun and i have already got bored of them. Well yeah i know exams are important but does that mean u need to dig your head deep in the huge sized books without even peeping up for a single second...Now thats exactly what my mom considers these leaves are meant for.. and she has threatened me if i attend even a single call or i am "caught" cell would become a member of history and that too without a replacement being made for it...!!!phew..

I have got absolutely nothing to do the whole day..cant go out..cant chat..n d second reason for this is all my friends r just toooo busy studying..!!!!phew..cant even watch don't blame my mom for everything..well there is nothing interesting being telecast on TV n u surely do not expect me to watch those saas-bahu daily soaps..or the newly invented series of soaps revolving around -"a girl child"..sum soaps are cashing on publicity coz they just love girl child and want it desperately..n others coz they desperately wanna kill them..female infanticide..!!!...n yeah net is as usual boring....!!!well i guess i have cribbed a lot...

So some positive things..The weather is just awesome these days specially in the suddenly starts raining which is the best part about the weather..i love rains.. :) Elections are approaching..well i am really not so fond of elections and neither i am fighting the elections on the behalf of sum crappy party..but still i am excited about them is because this is the first time i will be casting my worthy vote..n maybe i will get an opportunity to insult some politician like the "jaago-re" guy does..hehe.. n yeah most importantly my bro is coming i will be getting gifts firstly..well people do get things for u when they return from some place after a long time..don't they? n yeah i will even get a good company..someone who will listen to all my rubbish talks n cribbing without cribbing about it himself..lols
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Happy Birthday To You ..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As kids, we lived together, We fought, we laughed, we cried.
We did not always show the love, that we both had inside.

We shared our dreams and plans, and some secrets too.
All the memories we share, Is what bonds me now to you.

We grew to find we have a love, that is very strong today.
It’s a love shared by our family, that will never fade away.

You are my brother not by choice, but by the nature of our birth.
I could not have chosen a better one, you are the best on earth.

Happy birthday Bro... :)

This is a gift from me.... njoy... have fun .. :)

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally for the first time in history of Indian Cinema, an Indian film bagged eight Oscars at the 81st Academy Awards..Congos to the Slumdog Millionaire and A.R. Rahman..
Well i guess we can consider this film Indian 'coz it has got an Indian musician and few Indian actors and moreover its the Indians whom are so much criticized in the film, who are showed as poor it definitely belongs to us..
but if we consider the director,the producer,film editor,cinematographer,the guy behind sounds,screenplay and the spot boys then we cant really boast about winning at Oscars..
or can we???????????
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Valentines Day - Love or War

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Valentines Day is just round the corner and everyone is busy planning how to spend the day in a special way with their loved ones, but not everyone. Some people are actually busy in planning how to spoil the day for others, how to create havoc amongst people. They wanna act as MORAL POLICE for everyone and the irony is they don't have any morals themselves. A day meant for love is generally spent with the feelings of hatred..hatred of these people for lovers which are reciprocated in the same manner. Valentines day is meant for showing your love and affection to people you really care about, who play an important part in your life and that surely includes your family,parents,your buddies and not just your special one. But I guess these people are a bit illiterate or simply just out of their minds..!!

This time when you step outside on V-Day just be a bit cautious coz maybe when you reach home,your parents might actually get to welcome their son-in law as well along with you. This is what the ram sena or shiv sena watever sena it is has claimed that they are gonna do if they just watch you with a guy on that day...isn't it great? I mean your parents don't actually get to spend money on the arrangements for marriage, these ram sena folks will take care of that.. I was planning to tell me when do i need the reception to be held after these marriages ,if they are so much interested..!!!

I don't get why these people behave like weirdos..I mean you guys actually want to get control of others life..ruin their privacy...and then come out clean by saying you are their well wisher and want the betterment of the country..this way? I really wanna inform these ignorant people (or are they suffering from short-term memory loss???) that India got freedom long time back and every citizen of this country has got the right to decide for themselves what to do in their life without the interruption and unwanted expertise of these weirdos..!!

I just wanna wish all you lovely people a very happy valentine's day.. In spite of whatever these sena people say or even do,just make people you love feel special in some way.. To my family n friends,i love you guys a lot.. :)

And if you still couldn't make out why these people behave this way every year, its just out of sheer jealousy guys... ;)
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