Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally for the first time in history of Indian Cinema, an Indian film bagged eight Oscars at the 81st Academy Awards..Congos to the Slumdog Millionaire and A.R. Rahman..
Well i guess we can consider this film Indian 'coz it has got an Indian musician and few Indian actors and moreover its the Indians whom are so much criticized in the film, who are showed as poor slumdogs..so it definitely belongs to us..
but if we consider the director,the producer,film editor,cinematographer,the guy behind sounds,screenplay and the spot boys then we cant really boast about winning at Oscars..
or can we???????????
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Valentines Day - Love or War

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Valentines Day is just round the corner and everyone is busy planning how to spend the day in a special way with their loved ones, but not everyone. Some people are actually busy in planning how to spoil the day for others, how to create havoc amongst people. They wanna act as MORAL POLICE for everyone and the irony is they don't have any morals themselves. A day meant for love is generally spent with the feelings of hatred..hatred of these people for lovers which are reciprocated in the same manner. Valentines day is meant for showing your love and affection to people you really care about, who play an important part in your life and that surely includes your family,parents,your buddies and not just your special one. But I guess these people are a bit illiterate or simply just out of their minds..!!

This time when you step outside on V-Day just be a bit cautious coz maybe when you reach home,your parents might actually get to welcome their son-in law as well along with you. This is what the ram sena or shiv sena watever sena it is has claimed that they are gonna do if they just watch you with a guy on that day...isn't it great? I mean your parents don't actually get to spend money on the arrangements for marriage, these ram sena folks will take care of that.. I was planning to tell me when do i need the reception to be held after these marriages ,if they are so much interested..!!!

I don't get why these people behave like weirdos..I mean you guys actually want to get control of others life..ruin their privacy...and then come out clean by saying you are their well wisher and want the betterment of the country..this way? I really wanna inform these ignorant people (or are they suffering from short-term memory loss???) that India got freedom long time back and every citizen of this country has got the right to decide for themselves what to do in their life without the interruption and unwanted expertise of these weirdos..!!

I just wanna wish all you lovely people a very happy valentine's day.. In spite of whatever these sena people say or even do,just make people you love feel special in some way.. To my family n friends,i love you guys a lot.. :)

And if you still couldn't make out why these people behave this way every year, its just out of sheer jealousy guys... ;)
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