Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally for the first time in history of Indian Cinema, an Indian film bagged eight Oscars at the 81st Academy Awards..Congos to the Slumdog Millionaire and A.R. Rahman..
Well i guess we can consider this film Indian 'coz it has got an Indian musician and few Indian actors and moreover its the Indians whom are so much criticized in the film, who are showed as poor slumdogs..so it definitely belongs to us..
but if we consider the director,the producer,film editor,cinematographer,the guy behind sounds,screenplay and the spot boys then we cant really boast about winning at Oscars..
or can we???????????


  1. mujhe to psnd nhi aai ye moviee...
    aaj bhi angrezz india me slumdog dundte hai.... bt they still dnt knw wat true india is...
    4 there sake only they do all these movies...n so tht sumbuddy didnt say tht all credit goes to d producer thts y they gave some awards to indian also...

  2. i still havnt seen d mvie...( i m still wondering why....!!) bt i think instead f boasting about oscars 4 slumdog, v shud boast about d oscars 4 d truly deserving AR Rehman...which in every sense belongd 2 "us"...right??


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