Exam Time...!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My long exams preparatory leave have just begun and i have already got bored of them. Well yeah i know exams are important but does that mean u need to dig your head deep in the huge sized books without even peeping up for a single second...Now thats exactly what my mom considers these leaves are meant for.. and she has threatened me if i attend even a single call or i am "caught" msging...my cell would become a member of history and that too without a replacement being made for it...!!!phew..

I have got absolutely nothing to do the whole day..cant go out..cant chat..n d second reason for this is all my friends r just toooo busy studying..!!!!phew..cant even watch TV..now don't blame my mom for everything..well there is nothing interesting being telecast on TV n u surely do not expect me to watch those saas-bahu daily soaps..or the newly invented series of soaps revolving around -"a girl child"..sum soaps are cashing on publicity coz they just love girl child and want it desperately..n others coz they desperately wanna kill them..female infanticide..!!!...n yeah net is as usual boring....!!!well i guess i have cribbed a lot...

So some positive things..The weather is just awesome these days specially in the evening..it suddenly starts raining which is the best part about the weather..i love rains.. :) Elections are approaching..well i am really not so fond of elections and neither i am fighting the elections on the behalf of sum crappy party..but still i am excited about them is because this is the first time i will be casting my worthy vote..n maybe i will get an opportunity to insult some politician like the "jaago-re" guy does..hehe.. n yeah most importantly my bro is coming home...so i will be getting gifts firstly..well people do get things for u when they return from some place after a long time..don't they? n yeah i will even get a good company..someone who will listen to all my rubbish talks n cribbing without cribbing about it himself..lols

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  1. exam tym 4 me as well...bt minus holidys...! dnt knw dats d good side f it or the bad one...!!!
    nd yeah..had max fun in dis lovely weather too...college ki terrace pe..al friends...
    just imagine..!!!!!


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