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Saturday, August 1, 2009
Hello finally i am writing after quite a long time..I was just wondering how quickly time passes by..It was just yesterday that i joined this college and now i am in my final year..thinking about all these years is a nostalgic feeling..A lot of things have changed in this time but the biggest change that you can notice is in ME..

I have changed quite a lot in these two i fit in a jeans which is two size smaller than what i bought when i was in first year..i just love this change but people don't seem to like it..specially my bro who suggests that i should buy the heaviest cell phone in the market so that i can reach home safely even in a windy is constant i know but things change over so slowly and gradually that we don't even seem to realise them until one fine day someone pin points it to us..

Well i have become the biggest spy i have ever friends suggest i should join will help our nation atleast..coz all the spying i do is good to nobody in particular..but i can tell what u are doing even when i am sitting miles away from you :D

Next big change is that i have become so impatient..if i call you up and you don't pick up the phone within three rings,then even people standing next to you can hear me screaming at you when you pick the phone..and if i msg somebody i need a reply within 15 seconds..ok lets settle at 10 seconds..i guess my brain has started living in the world of superfast does things in you people are actually late..its not my fault yaar :D

Oh this last description of mine would have already told you about my temper i guess..i don't really think i need to describe it anymore..but the change that i hate the most is I have actually become a rotlu... :( I never thought i could become a cry baby but to my horror i have already become this is what i hate about myself the most..I get pissed off in a second and wouldn't come back to normal for hours..i am so disgusting..i know this is the word which i always use to describe other people but now i am one of them..

Okay enough of thinking about the person i was earlier i fell in love with i was really wondering how do my friends and family tolerate me..hats off to you guys..coz if i would have met someone like me i would have surely hated that this is my sincere thanks to all of you who have been tolerating me for all this time...n ya sorry as well..but now m back to what i always used to guys beware..ISHA is back now and that too with a bang.... :)

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