Yippi..its raining..

Friday, November 13, 2009
Hello people..hope you are enjoying the rain outside...yeah its pretty cold but seems like the perfect weather to me when you can sit on your porch with a mug of coffee in your hand enjoying the chilly wind hitting across your face and giving you sweet shivers..i can do it all day long..that's the reason why i love winters :)

Anyhow i am in my final year and am heavily overburdened by studies that i don't even get time for myself...phew! ok ok don't give me those "what-a-fantastic-liar" looks..i am supposed to be doing so...and hopefully i will start doing that in a few months :P

I saw "17 again" recently..yeah the one which features zac effron..he is soooooooooo cute...seriously.. :) but the movie made me ask myself-

"if given a chance to relive your life,would you want to change something that you did??"

I don't think i would like to change anything and that's not because i have lived the most perfect life without making any mistakes..i have made a lot of mistakes and haven't even learned from most of them(so i committed them again n again..kya pta kisi din kuch seekh jaun.. :P )..but whatever it lead to,it was fun for me.. n i would continue living it this way so that when i will be like 70-80 yrs old n main buddhi ho jaungi.. at least i will have something jinhe main yaad krke hass sku :)

Thank god i didn't answer like a contestant in beauty pageant competitions..coz such type of questions are generally asked there..once a contestant in my school's farewell function was asked what will you want to be in your next life..the most common answer will be myself..but the reason she gave was-coz i have the best of school..the best of faculty..the best of teachers..the best of principle..blah blah blah..wtf!! ;)

By the way what will be your answer to my question...do lemme know..
n leaving you with a new piece of poetry...comments expected ;)

Everyday I woke up
in search of something new
It had always been the same life
until I met You.
I was lost in the crowd of people
forgetting who am I
that's when tables turned
and something caught my eye.

Walking amongst the crowd
was the most cheerful face ever
the way you looked in my eyes
really made me shiver.
You held my hand and led me
to the world of fantasies
life started being beautiful
and full of ecstasies.

Now the times have changed
and we stand far apart
But i wont ever bear a grudge
against you in my heart.
There is still a thread of love
that connects me to you
so however hard you try
can't bid me adieu.
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