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Friday, December 11, 2009
So finally, my final year of graduation is gonna end very soon and remembering all the time I have spent here makes me feel so nostalgic. The first day we met, nobody thought all these idiots could make such a great bunch of buddies. But all these three years have been the best time of our lives. So I dedicate this post to all my friends who have contributed in making my college life memorable.

Ashima.. One of my bestest friends..She is the craziest person..from wearing cute angel-wali socks to wearing bhoot-wala pajama to endorsing blue nail-paint coz she was going to watch movie 'blue', she has done it ;) she is always innovative n ise har cheez cute hi chahiye..but i just cant get bored when she is around..and for me, College - Ashi = Nothing :)

Yugal.. He is the stud of our college..coolest guy who does everything in style...kayi ladkiya fida he ispe..hehe ;) He is full of energy and has got a great sense of humour so its always fun to be with him..but ise sbka mzaak udane me bahut mazaa ata he...n apni pics lene me bhi..should have opted for being a model..bda successful rehta..galat field me fas :p

Shikha aka Bachi.. Ye sirf dikhne me hi bachi lgti he ;) she has changed alot since first year in terms of looks and brains :D she is very cute but i must tell u don't go in for her looks coz iski violent streak badi dangerous :p

Anit.. Wherever u can hear someone laughing on the top of his voice n sentences like "are meri jaan","hum to aise hi he","mauj kr mauj" u are sure to find him around.ise sirf sbka mzaak udana ata he...but mazee to tab ate he jab iski baari aati he...kyu lambu?? :P

Anita.. All she can think about is maine kal n aaj same hairstyle to nhi bana liya...but trust me i could never differentiate between any of her "so-called different looks" :p She is extremely nuts..can laugh uncontrollably for hours without anybody knowing the reason of her amusement.. :)

Saurabh aka Dev Anand.. He is so happy-go-lucky kinda person,bada khush rehta he..sbko bhi bada khush rakhta he...itna jhut to kaafi hoga na...hehe.. seriously he has extreme emotions..pta hi nhi chalta ise hua kya he..but jesa bhi he..he is sweetest of all coz ye meri har baat bade pyaar se maan leta he :)

Nitesh.. One thing worth noticing about him is his spikes,which he is so obsessed with..he is a lazy folk and he gets up to do something only when you challenge him for it..i hope you got the hint k isse kaam kese krwna he... ;)

Ankit.. The PJ king..i bet you cant find him a good competitor in this field..he is the only one amongst us who loves to study (dunno y)..n u will always find him going back home with two books in his bag and one in each hand..phew..but somehow humne ise thoda sa sudhar diya he :D

Abhishek.. Last but the best of all...he is only guy i have seen till date who can leave behind every girl in the art of blushing...i mean iski shaadi k video me dulhan se zyada ye sharmaega with his cheeks going absolutely red.. ;) oops you wouldn't be able to see that coz he is so camera conscious..he never lets anybody take his pic..n yeah his favourite pastime is downloading antiviruses 24 X u can guess what this shy guy is gonna gift his girlfriend on their first date.. :P

Isha.. Yeah thats me..but ab main apni tareef khud kese you all may drop in you comments mere bare me..but yeah is sbka badla mat nikal lena...hehe...luv u guys... :)
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