Letter to God

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Dear God,

My mom says you are always listening and if you really are, I would like to tell you something. While writing the book of My Life, you have made a few mistakes. You forgot to write a few things and few have been put at the wrong place. These are the things that should be included :
  • a moment of happiness ; after a thousand days of sorrows
  • a wish granted ; after a hundred declined
  • a dream fulfilled ; after many have been broken
  • a bit of success ; after a thousand failures
  • a caring hand ; after a thousand ignores
  • a small smile ; after a million tears
  • a trust revived ; after being despaired of all
You always give me a chocolate when I already have a toffee, but actually I NEED that chocolate when I have been left empty-handed. I do not want a fairy-tale life but kindly provide these things so I can make my life worth living. Thank you.

With Love,

Your favorite child.
(Mom told me that I am)

P.S. - I am in no hurry but slowly my faith is fading..hope you'll listen before I fade away.
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