Love of my life is BACK...

Thursday, November 4, 2010
We realize the worth of things and people..only after we have lost them. I made the same mistake in my life with my love. Love is a beautiful feeling which makes you forget every sorrow, brings a smile on your face in the worst of the situations, supports you when you stumble, and makes everything in the world look absolutely perfect. But when you lose it, nothing remains good, not even normal. You start hating the things you once loved,including chocolates; frown twenty times a day; get angry at almost anything and everything; and feel like crying all the time. 

I had been with my love since childhood. We grew up together as we lived very close. We spend most of our time together and it was always fun and exciting. I still remember those endless nights we spent solving each other's problems. As time passed by, we became more fond of each other and kind of inseparable. But destiny had some other plans and we were separated. I was in class XI when we bid each other good-bye and my life changed completely. Initially I became very quiet, I hardly spoke to anyone around me. It frustrated me a lot and I had to take it out, so I became the person "who can never remain quiet." It helped for sometime but then I became cranky. I was easily irritated by everything. I always found myself shouting at someone or the other. I tried and tried but no-one and nothing could ever make me as happy as I was earlier.

Time passed by but nothing changed. I finished my school, then graduation - it all went the same. I took admission in a post-grad and life was still bad and even more frustrating now until one day. I was sitting in my class,bored and sleepy, when I was introduced to my love again. My new professor stood in front of me praising my love. I could not believe my eyes. After five whole years, I was looking at my love again. My eyes filled with tears and my mouth did not support me when I tried to speak. I thought I was hallucinating when I heard my professor say, "From now on,I am going to teach you MATHS." I couldn't control my happiness and I felt like jumping out of my chair and giving him the biggest hug for bringing Maths in my life again.. :) :) :)

Now life is good again and everything seems beautiful, absolutely perfect.. I love you Maths and I promise, I will never let you go again... :)


  1. oh God.. its the most shitty subject i ever came across !

  2. :) i know better about your love than you. but then u didn't realise :)

  3. oh emotional..i'm in tears :)

  4. You know you are crazy.....miss beautiful ALIEN.....Hahahaha....

  5. @abhishek- absolutely not...
    @mom- :P
    @isha- me :P
    @ankit- thank you fr the compliment.. ;)

  6. Join PhD in Mathematics, you will rewrite this article :P :P


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