Boys will be boys

Thursday, December 22, 2011
First of all, I could never understand why people keep on saying this "Boys will be boys"! They didn't really expect boys to get up one morning and find out that they have turned into girls! Or did they? Anyway, for sometime now I have observed quite a few weird things characteristic to boys.

DISCLAIMER: They are not applicable on all the boys..Just the ones which exist on Earth! :D

If you are supposed to reach someplace important and want your brother/father/boyfriend to drop you off, always tell them the time of arrival at-least an hour earlier. This is because they will not leave home till the last second as they believe they drive at the speed of light and so can easily drop you off at time. The second problem is they will never ask for directions. You might have crossed the same round-about ten times and have passed the same lane twenty times, it doesn't really matter as they "know" where they are going. I recently saw this group of friends who were apparently lost. One of the girls suggested that she asked a person standing nearby for directions but one of the boys immediately replied. "Wait! I will rather Google it" :D

Boys are beautiful liars and amazing flirts. I am surely not talking about "mujhse-fraandship-kroge" type freaks on facebook! They can pull off the biggest lie without batting an eye and just "be friendly" with almost any girl they meet. It seems to me as if lying was their second language and flirting their religion. :D

I have always maintained that "Boys gossip way more than girls". Well it has been scientifically proven now [link] So now, if you share a secret with a girl, it may spread faster than forest fire but if you share a secret with a guy, there is a pretty good chance that your dad calls you up within five seconds and asks,"Is that really true?" :D

P.S.- Boys please don't be disheartened. I tried to write about girls too.. but its just that I couldn't find anything wrong with them :P
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