The End!

Thursday, May 24, 2012
After an eight-year journey of pranks, mocking, saving lives, idealism, selfishness, cute doctors and their love stories, friendships, cool medical instruments and a lot of blood, House finally came to an end. For those of you unfamiliar with the TV-series (seriously, what were you doing for the past eight years?), the story revolves around apparently the world's best doctor, Dr Gregory House. He is a 40-something drug-addict arrogant doctor who never meets his patients, does not follow any rules, plays practical pranks with everyone around him, treats cases like puzzles and believes that "Everybody Lies". He is definitely not like the Hindi movies chocolate boy, nevertheless, you still lose your heart to him. 

The series ended beautifully and I could not have imagined a better end to it. Although I am gonna miss all of the cute doctors, but Wilson, Chase and House rule the list.

In the last scene of the finale, people talk about what Dr House taught them. So, I started wondering what I learned from him and it was to have courage. He proved time and again about how everybody lies - sometimes to save your ass, sometimes not to hurt people around you, and sometimes it's just fun! But what's worth thinking is everybody always know what's going on. They might not say it, might not believe but deep down they know what is happening. They just don't have the courage to accept it and stand for themselves. He taught me to have that courage! :)
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