Get your load sanctioned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
The summer is at its peak and our air-conditioner manufacturers are having a great time as Dilliwaala's cannot survive without the air-conditioners and coolers in this scorching heat. However, when people switch on their A/Cs and plasma TVs to sit back at home and relax, they do not take into consideration a minor thing-they are exceeding their sanctioned load! Now, you must be wondering what the hell is this sanctioned load and from where has it emerged to ruin your perfect weekend with your modern technology at your aid. Well, according to Delhi Electricity Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations, 2007,

“Sanctioned load” means the load in kW/HP (kilo Watt/Horse Power) which the Licensee has agreed to supply from time to time subject to the governing terms and conditions.

In simpler terms, it means that our electricity board has permitted you to use this much electricity which you might be exceeded once in a while but not always. Now, when you use more load than the sanctioned load, it doesn't really cause much problems except for the burning of your electricity wires and as I saw recently, a massive fire. Well what amazes me is that why would people risk their lives instead of getting their  sanctioned increased. Typically, each household has a sanctioned load of 1-2kW but mostly people exceed this due to use of electrical appliances. This causes overload and breakdown of grids and transformers, ultimately leading to burning of wires. You can get this sanctioned limit increased by paying some extra amount which is used to change your wiring so that it becomes efficient to carry a higher load. Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission of North Delhi mentioned in a report that, "Out of the existing consumer base of around ten lakhs, around seven lakh consumers are using actual load more than their sanctioned load. And around 32000 meters were burnt in the last three years itself, due to this practice of actual consumption being in excess of sanctioned load."

This problem of overloading has lead to burning of meters and small-scale fire five times in our colony in the last week. The most recent of this was today in my building! Our housing society has a common electricity meter room for six adjacent houses and our meter room is connected to my house. So, as one of my stingy neighbors was very reluctant to get his sanctioned load increased by the BSES, it led to fire in our meter room. Yes, FIRE! I felt like killing him on the spot for endangering my life and giving me a panic attack!
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