Effect of climate change on the air we breathe!

Friday, August 24, 2012
Everybody keeps talking about how our activities - industrialization, deforestation, our polluting industries, factories, vehicles are leading to climate change! However, recently a study was conducted by the American scientists which has revealed the effects of climate change on the air quality in the near future.

This study states that by the end of 21st century, due to climate change there will a large number of stagnation episodes over the northern mid-latitude continents. This means that there will be lesser wind circulation and thus, lesser ventilation which will create a bigger problem of poor air quality. In simpler terms, whatever pollutants we emit into the atmosphere are dispersed in the atmosphere due to favorable conditions of the atmosphere like bright solar radiation, constant wind circulations, etc. and thus, we don't have to breathe in these pollutants. However, in the absence of these conditions, stagnant atmospheric conditions will prevail over these continents. This will not allow the pollutants to be dispersed in the atmosphere and thus, people will be exposed to high level of pollutants in the air we breathe. 

The study has stated that effects will be highest for eastern North America, Europe, and East Asia. These strong impacts can be subdued by controlling the amount of pollutants released in the environment by us. Because if we do not curtail these emissions into the environment, then with the increasing temperature (due to global warming), there will be a great increase in the ozone present at the surface level. This ozone is a great absorber of the ultraviolet rays reaching the earth. Thus, increase in its concentrations will further lead to increase in temperature and the cycle will continue!

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