The Devotion of Suspect X

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
As I have completed my Masters and am absolutely jobless these days, I got back to my reading club. I read The Devotion of Suspect x this week. It has been beautifully written by a Japanese author, Keigo Higashino. It is a mystery fiction story and I love such novels from the tiniest bit of my heart! However, unlike our regular mystery novels, the story isn't about finding the killer as the killer, the purpose of killing, and the victim have all been revealed in the first chapter of the book. And this did not require any *spoiler alert* because even I knew this before starting to read the book. I read it in my brother's blog and was pretty confused as to what will be left for the rest of the book!

It is actually a story about how a "genius" helps the killer in hiding the facts and evidences from the police and detectives. You can call him a modern Sherlock who doesn't solve mystery, he creates it! The only problem with the book is that I got pretty confused with the names. They all sounded pretty similar to me, like Yasuko and Yukawa, so I actually had to keep going back to know who was who! 

Overall it was a good read which compels you to not keep it down. As described in the Guardian, "If you like riddles inside enigmas, it will please you no end". I would recommend reading this amazing page-turner with an awesome twist in the end. And I love it when everything changes right before the end. :D


  1. you could change the names if u wanted too..that way it would not be that complex..nice blog ..will read it if got a chance ..

  2. I was thinking of reading something like that.....Would try to read if i get it in the library :-)


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