Mere Brother ki Dulhan!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Yay! Finally, the most anticipated marriage of our family took place this Friday. After so many months of shopping, preparations, deciding venues, tasting food, and a lot of chaos and fun, my brother got married to the love of his life. :D 

You all already know about the wedding scenario in a our Punjabi family, thanks to my blog post (link), yet this marriage was strikingly different. It was the completion of the love story of a Punjabi boy and a Telugu girl - like Chetan Bhagat's Two States! Although the differences in customs and traditions continue to prevail, but the union of North and South turned out to be quite fun actually. The girl's side was full of calm and composed people whereas the boy's side had terrorizing energy and would have broken the dance floor if they were not supervised (and the stage as well! :P). I guess the South Indians are a bit reserved and shy people but once they get comfortable with you, they are no less!

Like every true Punjabi wedding, we had - 1. a drunk uncle dancing on ae meri zoharajafi with a glass on their head 2. a sharaab wali gaddi (other than the booze served at the venue :D)  3. naagin dance in the baraat 4. lots of sisters teasing the groom  5. a special performance for the dulha on tennu ghodi kinne chaday bhutni ke. The DJ refused to play such offensive songs and the groom's mom dad's special permission was required to play our family song! I wonder how do they consider these songs as offensive, phew! Anyway, the main highlight of the shaadi, other than me (:P), were the ferre. They were so hilarious because we have known that Panditji since we were born. So we were allowed to chant mantras instead of  him in a fun way, hit the bride and the groom with flowers, interrupt every once in a while to make fun of someone and even sing filmy songs in between. We were doing it so religiously that the calm group thought that all these were the customs and were mandatory to do, so they started taking proper aims to hit the bride and groom with flowers ;)

My body and feet are still aching after three days, so yes, the marriage was great. And yes, I looked so pretty! :) My bhaiya-bhabhi also gifted me a new phone, which is the like the icing on the cake! :D Love you both. Have a great married life! :)


  1. Very good post! Specially all the points about typical punju wedding :-)

  2. Thank you bhaiya and bhabhi :)

  3. What a sweet post! Abby, your sis is better in blogging...didn't know she writes so good :)

    And best wishes to you and Divya :)

  4. Love it. Miss it :D
    Well written :)


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