IIT - Dream Come true! :D

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First of all, I wish all of you a very happy new year. In the past one week, 89.3 % of the conversations I have had with people were revolving around the "New year resolutions". Phew! I read it somewhere, "I am going to open a gym on new year and name it "Resolutions". For one week it will be a gym and rest of the year a bar :D"  The picture below depicts my take on the resolutions! :D

Well, back to the topic of the post! Remember when you were a kid and everyone talked about how tough it is to get admission in IIT and yet so prestigious and you rose from your chair with music rising in the background and with the full determination on your face you said, "Challenge accepted"! Yeah I guess my childhood memories have been remixed by Barney Stinson :P Anyway, so as this new year started i finally got a chance to say that I completed the challenge..the dream has finally come true..reality is patting my back..I am giving myself a self-five..Well, if you still didn't understand, I am finally an IITian! :D

Hope this new year brings many such joyous moments in your lives as well :)


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