Race 2: Predictable yet Entertaining!

Monday, January 28, 2013
In this extended weekend, I went to watch Race 2 with my family. Releasing it at the extended weekend must have turned out in favour of the film. Now, like everybody, I had some very high expectations from Race 2 because of the large number of twists and turns Race had given us! However, as it turns out the movie was pretty much a blue print of its prequel. So, it's predictable - but NEVER boring! On the contrary, it turned out to be quite entertaining with muscular action heroes with geniuses, their sexy arm-candies and faaaaaaassssssttttttt cars! :D

The movie continues from Saif (as Ranvir Singh) and Sonia as the happy couple which won huge fortunes in the Race. Anil Kapoor is also seen in the same role of RD with an even-dumber assistant played by Ameesha Patel this time and their worst attempt at non-veg jokes which could be easily avoided! The new entries are John Abraham (as Armaan Malik) in his cool sexy avatar, Deepika Padukone (as Armaan's step sister) and Jacqueline Fernandes (as Armaan's girlfriend) in a different look. They are like every boy's fantasy and every girl's desire-to-be. Now, Ranvir Singh enters Armaan's huge perfectly-set world and thus begins the race of rich tycoons!

The twists of the movie are quite similar to Race, thus the suspense content lets you down because you can pretty much guess it before hand. You are happy only because you guessed it right and maybe, like me, won the small bets with your fellow viewers! :P The USP of the movie lies in 4 things: 1. its peppy-and-catchy songs which have become so famous even before the release of the film, 2. its larger-than-life feel with grand empires and hotels, fast and sexy cars, 3. Deepika's and Jacqueline's short-and-sexy dresses, 4. and lastl but not the least, twists and turns in John's body which he gladly flaunts during a boxing match in the movie.

If I have to summarize the movie, it's a bit stupid but entertaining - one-time watch! :) I would give it 3 out of 5 stars!


  1. Lol I watch predictable movies in 2x speed. It is usually a big pain to watch. I never wanted to watch Race 2 because it had such bad reviews.

  2. Lol well you should. It wouldn't let you down! :D

  3. A Sequel to 2008 movie Race. The story has been picked up nicely and the start cast is flashy. People have doubted acting capabilities of Jacquiline Fernandes but she proves them wrong. she plays an important role with both close and distant shots and the expressions and body language seems very confident. Moreover hindi dialogues by a Sri Lankan Model is what we least expect. John justifies what he is paid for and Saif looks equally good as compared to the previous version of movie. Many are doubting the purpose of introduction of Ameesha Patel, but remember as the movie was not closed, Race 3 is on the cards and that,s where a change of lead actress can be expected. Good music, Locations of Turkey and smart cars... A complete entertainer.

  4. Sorry to say but Race was such an easily forgettable movie that the only thing I remember is that it had a lot of twists. However, forgettable movies are entertaining. Will try this one as well.

    Review more movies please.

  5. Okay Saurabh! Please finance me for some movies,for reviewing! :P


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