Tuesday, February 19, 2013
So finally I got a fancy convocation! Being a DU graduate, you somehow admit in three years that you'll never get a proper convocation. At most, if you are a topper, you'll be called upon stage and handed over the degree. No gowns, no robes! And because we were such a lucky batch our degrees came even a year late. So there was no chance of even getting the degree on stage!

Anyway, the cool thing is I got my post-graduate degree before my graduation degree. Thanx to TERI University! :D And it was a proper fancy convocation, the one I always dreamt about! We were supposed to wear gowns with robe and hat and walk down the aisle with poise. Although our college authorities consider us so stupid that we were made to rehearse three times before the actual ceremony. FTW! :O

By the way, there were pretty cool and famous people present to award us the degree. It included two Nobel Laureates -  Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Director General, TERI and Chancellor, TERI University, and Prof. Carlo Rubbia, Scientific Director, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany. Others present were Mr. Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Hon'ble Prime Minister (Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations);   Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, President, 66th session of the UN General Assembly; Mr. Zhang Yue, Chairman, BROAD Group, China and Mr. Thomas Friedman, Journalist and Columnist, New York Times. According to me, the coolest speech was given by three times Pulitzer prize winner, Mr. Friedman. :D

Yeah, we are never organised! :P

But the weird thing was I never realised life is changing so fast. It has been only 6 months since we completed our masters but everything and everyone seemed different. Everyone had turned a bit more mature, a bit more responsible (Except me!). Three of my friends even got married during this period and one engaged! :O And for a change, everyone of us looked pretty "sincere" with girls in sarees and boys in suit! Yeah looking at most of the boys the first thought in my mind was, "they can look like humans too"! :P

Anyway, it was a refreshing change from the monotonous life of PhD scholar. I am still wondering when I get married, which will not be before 4-5 years; most of my classmates will attend it with their 2-3 kids! :O


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