Aaj ki Taaza Khabar!

Friday, March 29, 2013
Its been a busy week full of celebrations - birthday parties, exams-over party, Holi bash. So after getting my face turned permanently blue and hair greenish-red, I am back to being absolute velli! :D 

It's an extended weekend so I am pretty bored. The newspapers and televisions are filled with only two major topics - Sanjay Dutt's prison term and IPL. Bets are on whether Sanjay Dutt will ask for pardon or go back to prison to complete his term. Ethically, he should go back and complete his punishment. Financially, he should ask for pardon as social service to the Bollywood as the producers would suffer a loss of 250 crores in the three and a half years that he will spend in prison. Personally, I couldn't care less but I am just worried that if all celebrities (read Salman Khan and Neelam Case) will be imprisoned, will I be forced to watch Bhojpuri movies now? :O

How can you not fall in love with him? :O

Coming to IPL, its gonna be the sixth season and I don;t think its gonna be any different than the last five seasons. Unlike our traditional cricket, IPL is all about glamour. Deepika performing on the opening ceremony has already begun the league of never-ending drama on the series. Anyway  there are gonna be nine teams this time. Hope we get to see some good cricket, otherwise I'll be content with the guest appearances from all our favourite celebrities. :D

Anyway, I guess I better switch to reading some books instead to switching boring channels on The Idiot Box. :P Leaving you with the song by a pretty awesome upcoming singer on YouTube! Enjoy! :D


  1. You have beautiful voice..nice song..keep blogging (Y)


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