Braids: Memories Re-lived!

Thursday, March 14, 2013
She stepped inside and  gazed at the huge auditorium in front of her. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the marvellous stage that had been set for her. She was nervous yet happy. This was her big day as everybody will be looking at her today, everybody will be admiring her. She got backstage and waited for her name to be called out. The next candidate for the "Miss Noddy Kids School Pageant" is .  She held her breath as her name echoed in the auditorium.

Her feet were trembling and yet she walked onto the stage with poise. She was proud of her looks and her mom had specially made this dress for her. But most of all, she was proud of her long and beautiful hair. She was just 6 but her hair were longer than most of the adults around her. Everyone praised her for her long and thick hair and she liked to let them loose so she could feel them brushing against her face. Today, her mom had made braided her hair on her insistence. She had seen it in a movie and she wanted her hair to look exactly like that. Before leaving the house, she stood in front of the mirror for half an hour and gloated with happiness. And it all came down to this moment.

She answered briefly on the questions asked and smiled cutely intermittently. Her dimpled cheeks wooed every one's heart. Her confidence lied in the praises she had heard all this while for her beautiful hair and today, one of the judges also complemented her on her lovely braid of goldenish-brown hair that sparkled magnificently. That was the first competition of her life and she won it. A moment of happiness which is beyond anything words can ever explain. She loved her braided hair and they will let her down ever.

Life was busy. Amidst the college life, studies, travelling in a crowded and polluted city of Delhi, she doesn't even remember how her hair looked when they were long and thick. Now they get tangled and dry with split ends, in short they look like crap. So years ago, she cut them off into shoulder length hair. Yes, it hurt a lot. She even cried but it was better than carrying life-less hair. They didn't even make proper braids now. She tried every therapy and treatment anyone suggested, they didn't change a bit. Now she just ties them up in a boring bun. She wishes only if something could bring back her beautiful hair.

She was out buying grocery for home when she came across this new product by Dove but so had she with many other such products from many other such brands. This couldn't be any different but how bad is it to try. So she bought Dove Split Ends Rescue System Shampoo and Conditioner. One try and she never looked back. Her hair were softer and smoother again with visibly lesser split ends and that too in one try. For the first time in years, she let her hair loose once again. Now, these bottles are her the most precious possession and she even gave them a special niche in her bathroom. :D

Today, everyone in office praised me for my shining goldenish-brown braid. It once again wooed the hearts of so many people. I am re-living my dream, all thanx to Dove for bringing out such a product which gave me my life back.

This post is a part of Dove Split Ends Rescue System contest at Indiblogger.


  1. u..dove:P pantene gal

    dove sirf mera h:PP

  2. My best wishes for the contest :)

  3. I used dove anti hairfall , and seriously it is a miracle!even my wet hair doesnt break :) :)

    Yay to dove for finally ending our woes :)
    - good post !

  4. Yes it indeed is helpful! Thanks :)

  5. Nice blog post :-) enjoyed reading your blog :-)


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