Salvation of a Saint - Review

Sunday, April 28, 2013
Now, as I started my First Read Authors Pledge, I was supposed to try out read books by author I have never read before but when I got to know that Keigi Higashino has published another book, I couldn't give it a miss. Not for a wardrobe flooding with dresses! Ok, maybe, for that! :D Well, after reading Devotion of Suspect X, I am Keigi Higashino's huge fan. The last book won him many prizes like the 134th Naoki prize, 6th Honkaku Mystery prize, and was ranked as the number-one novel by Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2006 and 2006 Honkaku Mystery Best 10. The English translation of The Devotion of Suspect X was nominated for the 2012 Edgar Award for Best Novel and the 2012 Barry Award for Best First Novel. He is also the President of an association, Mystery writers of Japan.

My copy of Salvation of a Saint
The story:
His new book, Salvation of a Saint, is a new addition to the Detective Galileo series. It's a story about a rich businessman, Yoshitaka Mashiba, who is found dead in his apartment. Now, the obvious suspect is his wife, Ayane, who by the way, was far away at her mother's place. It turns out that Yoshitaka was having an affair with his wife's apprentice, Hiromi Wakayama, who happened to meet him before his death and who also discovered the body. 

Now the case comes to our very own Detective Kusanagi and his assistant Kishtani. And apparently, even Kishtani has been promoted and a new agent Karao Utsumi has joined in his leadership. So for most part, Kusanagi and Utsumi are involved in the case. Now here comes the problem, Kusanagi starts getting sympathetic towards the victim's wife, Ayane, who happens to be one of the suspects. So, Utsumi goes to Manabu Yukawa aka Detective Galileo for help. Now, those of you who haven't read the Devotion of Suspect X, might not be familiar with Detective Galileo. He is physicist by profession who teaches at the University but provides constant help to his old friend, Kusanagi, in solving his cases. He can be considered as the Japenese Sherlock. 

The review:
So these three set out in search out of truth, each with his own way. Yet all three reach at the same conclusion, something far beyond imagination. This book is more of a "Why-done-it" rather than "Who-done-it" but the secret behind the mystery is worth reading.

It's a well written book with grabs your full attention. It's definitely a page-turner and at-least I couldn't keep it down until it was finished. Although I again had the problems with the names, specially in first two chapters. I had to go back and recheck every time a name came up. The mystery content is 7.5/10 (Devotion of suspect had better mysteries and thrills) and that's what Higashino specializes in. The motive is quite clear in the first few pages and the murder has also occurred in like 10 pages or so, just like his previous book. This might make other such books boring, but not this one, and that's the beauty of it.

My Rating:
I would give this book a 4.3/5. I absolutely loved it, although could have been a little better as his last book really got our hopes very high. So, he has got to compete with his own writings. All in all, it's 378 pages of awesomeness! Must read! It's worth your every single penny!

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IRON MAN 3: Review!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Yes yes, I am actually publishing a review of the movie before its release in India! :D Feels so good to say that! :P Well having NRI friends has its own advantages, specially if they are movie freaks! ;) Here's a trailer for you!

So here's a review of Iron Man 3 by a NRI Movie Buff. Sit back and enjoy! (You may also pay your gratitude for the review in comments :P)

The Review:
So I got to watch the much awaited IRON MAN 3 first day first show, and that too was 2 days before any of my friends could. See, being out of India gives you the advantage of watching all the movies before all your friends and spoiling the suspense for them.. ;) 

So here it goes. The awesome iron man 3 starts with an amazing sound track "Eiffel 65- I'm Blue (da ba dee)" with the entry of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man in his stunning suit with a hot girl in his arms (Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts). She is some intelligent science freak who does something related to bio-technology and stuff. Now, who cares what she does! As long as she is hot, we're  good. Right? ;) Anyway, she was with Stark as she wanted his help with something but being a playboy that he is, he disappears the very next morning. Stark is his usual self in the movie - the self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with many suits of armor of his own invention. The one thing to look out for in the movie are the incredible iron man suits :) too good! The best part is he has a very different way of wearing this suit than he did in Iron Man 1 and 2. ;) Loved's kinda funny too. I am sure you going to love it too :D.

Now comes the bad guy and as you expect from the bad guys, he is really hot. Bdw, by ''hot'' I mean he's always on fire! Lmao! It seems that he has invented some bio-chemical blah blah thing which helps him start a fire whenever he wants! Crazy guy I tell you! Anyway, in one of his blasts, Stark lost one of his close persons. No no no, i will not tell you who that person is!! Bdw, this bad guy wants to kill the American President and become the most powerful person in America! So Iron Man is planing to fight him and save the country!

Its a super-hero film and how can you expect it to end without large chunks of action-packed sequences! Tony, flaunting his power, challenged this bad guy by giving him his address and says, "Come and get me!" Now the funny part is the bad guy actually comes and as you must have seen in trailer above, Stark's house goes down!! Yeah right, that's what happens then when you try to act over smart! That idiot lost all the suits and the cars (Audiiiiiiiiiiii) :'( And oh yeah, I forgot to mention Stark's friend Don Cheadle as Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes / Iron Patriot in this part. He also wears one of Stark's iron man suits and helps him to fight against these terrorists.

The movie is filled with twists and turns with enemies tuning out to be friends and vice-versa. Now, the climax of the movie is really interesting and I am not gonna spoil it for you but I can tell you one thing. Stark, alone, will not fight the bad guy. Someone else will help him A LOT! So, go and watch the movie to find out who that someone is!  ;) 

All in all, its a must-watch movie. I loved it till the end. Although, I saw it in 3D but there are no special 3D effects in the movie as such so a 2D will not seem much different! I'll give this movie a rating of 4.5 stars on 5. If you are a super-hero movie fan, then it's worth your every single penny :) 


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55-Fiction: Autumn of Life

Thursday, April 18, 2013

He looked around, there was nothing but darkness.

He was already late and now he was lost. He was panting but couldn't stop. He couldn't be late, not today.

He saw small gathering at a distance and rushed towards them.  Finally!

He was just in time to see people pouring sand over his own grave.

P.S. First attempt at 55-word fiction story.

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Tantra by Adi - Book Review

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
I recently saw an initiative on a blog which was meant to read books from authors you have not read before! I really liked it and I am thinking to adapting it myself. Now, I'll not be too ambitious in setting my target very high. I think targeting for 10 books seems appropriate. So, I pledge to read 10 books from authors I haven't read before and review them on this blog for your benefit! :P

As I have already read Chanakya's New Manifesto by Pawan K. Varma last month, I'll count that as one. :D So here I am presenting my second book- Tantra by Adi in my First Read Authors Pledge! :P

Tantra by Adi is a fictional book whose story revolves around a vampire-hunter, Anu. She is brought up in New York and was admitted to an academy where she was trained to be a vampire hunter. She lives a happy life until one day the vampires attack her boyfriend, Brian and kill him. So, our heroine looks for his killers for vengeance and ends up in New Delhi following the leads.

Now begins the story of the novel. Delhi turns out to be absolutely against her expectations in case of vampires and their hunting scenario. There is only one more hunter in Delhi, Amit as opposed to so many of them in New York. The Delhi vampires lead a sophisticated life with chauffeur driven cars whereas in New York, the vampires went out every night to attack people, jumping on roofs, planning their attack. In Delhi, the vampires and the vampire hunters live in pure harmony without making each other's life hell. They don't attack each other or interfere in each other's life until a major line has been crossed. This convinces her that she is not really needed in Delhi for the job she does best. 

However, she is needed for fighting different kind of battle. She has to fight a tantric - Baba Senaka- who practices human sacrifice to gain power and is planning to go huge with his powers. She is going to fight him now learning the sattvic methods and thus begins the war of Tantric vs Sattvic.

The story revolves majorly in Delhi and captures the essence of Delhi quite remarkably. The places, food joints, Delhi's culture have all been portrayed aptly.  The story is a bit old about getting vengeance except that this time the heroine is after the killers. It's a first of the vampire novels involving India and specially Delhi. However, the story is weak in some portions as it does not properly define the "shifts" which by the mid you'll presume as converting from human to supernatural powers with effects like healing instantly and being super-fast.

It provides the knowledge about tantra in extreme details which is a merit as well as a demerit. It has provided a very different concept about tantra than we have traditionally known but sometimes, it is dominating over the story-line  However, there is a scene between Anu and Pundit Grover (a pundit who is helping her learn sattvic powers) which has been portrayed beautifully. That seems to take you to another world with his powerful description.

About the author:
The author, Adi is a graduate from Stanford University and then Harvard University. He has published a poetry book and a minor textbook before this novelHis style of writing is nice but becomes too descriptive at times. He has promoted his book quite well by creating an official trailer of the book at YouTube apart from creating page at FaceBook and Twitter. However, if you check the website provided at the end of the book , you'll be redirected to his Facebook page! Seems he could afford to buy a domain name but was too lazy to actually make a website! :D

My rating:
Overall, i would give this book a rating of 3.5/5. It's worth reading if you are out to trying something new.

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