IRON MAN 3: Review!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Yes yes, I am actually publishing a review of the movie before its release in India! :D Feels so good to say that! :P Well having NRI friends has its own advantages, specially if they are movie freaks! ;) Here's a trailer for you!

So here's a review of Iron Man 3 by a NRI Movie Buff. Sit back and enjoy! (You may also pay your gratitude for the review in comments :P)

The Review:
So I got to watch the much awaited IRON MAN 3 first day first show, and that too was 2 days before any of my friends could. See, being out of India gives you the advantage of watching all the movies before all your friends and spoiling the suspense for them.. ;) 

So here it goes. The awesome iron man 3 starts with an amazing sound track "Eiffel 65- I'm Blue (da ba dee)" with the entry of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man in his stunning suit with a hot girl in his arms (Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts). She is some intelligent science freak who does something related to bio-technology and stuff. Now, who cares what she does! As long as she is hot, we're  good. Right? ;) Anyway, she was with Stark as she wanted his help with something but being a playboy that he is, he disappears the very next morning. Stark is his usual self in the movie - the self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with many suits of armor of his own invention. The one thing to look out for in the movie are the incredible iron man suits :) too good! The best part is he has a very different way of wearing this suit than he did in Iron Man 1 and 2. ;) Loved's kinda funny too. I am sure you going to love it too :D.

Now comes the bad guy and as you expect from the bad guys, he is really hot. Bdw, by ''hot'' I mean he's always on fire! Lmao! It seems that he has invented some bio-chemical blah blah thing which helps him start a fire whenever he wants! Crazy guy I tell you! Anyway, in one of his blasts, Stark lost one of his close persons. No no no, i will not tell you who that person is!! Bdw, this bad guy wants to kill the American President and become the most powerful person in America! So Iron Man is planing to fight him and save the country!

Its a super-hero film and how can you expect it to end without large chunks of action-packed sequences! Tony, flaunting his power, challenged this bad guy by giving him his address and says, "Come and get me!" Now the funny part is the bad guy actually comes and as you must have seen in trailer above, Stark's house goes down!! Yeah right, that's what happens then when you try to act over smart! That idiot lost all the suits and the cars (Audiiiiiiiiiiii) :'( And oh yeah, I forgot to mention Stark's friend Don Cheadle as Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes / Iron Patriot in this part. He also wears one of Stark's iron man suits and helps him to fight against these terrorists.

The movie is filled with twists and turns with enemies tuning out to be friends and vice-versa. Now, the climax of the movie is really interesting and I am not gonna spoil it for you but I can tell you one thing. Stark, alone, will not fight the bad guy. Someone else will help him A LOT! So, go and watch the movie to find out who that someone is!  ;) 

All in all, its a must-watch movie. I loved it till the end. Although, I saw it in 3D but there are no special 3D effects in the movie as such so a 2D will not seem much different! I'll give this movie a rating of 4.5 stars on 5. If you are a super-hero movie fan, then it's worth your every single penny :) 



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