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Sunday, April 28, 2013
Now, as I started my First Read Authors Pledge, I was supposed to try out read books by author I have never read before but when I got to know that Keigi Higashino has published another book, I couldn't give it a miss. Not for a wardrobe flooding with dresses! Ok, maybe, for that! :D Well, after reading Devotion of Suspect X, I am Keigi Higashino's huge fan. The last book won him many prizes like the 134th Naoki prize, 6th Honkaku Mystery prize, and was ranked as the number-one novel by Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2006 and 2006 Honkaku Mystery Best 10. The English translation of The Devotion of Suspect X was nominated for the 2012 Edgar Award for Best Novel and the 2012 Barry Award for Best First Novel. He is also the President of an association, Mystery writers of Japan.

My copy of Salvation of a Saint
The story:
His new book, Salvation of a Saint, is a new addition to the Detective Galileo series. It's a story about a rich businessman, Yoshitaka Mashiba, who is found dead in his apartment. Now, the obvious suspect is his wife, Ayane, who by the way, was far away at her mother's place. It turns out that Yoshitaka was having an affair with his wife's apprentice, Hiromi Wakayama, who happened to meet him before his death and who also discovered the body. 

Now the case comes to our very own Detective Kusanagi and his assistant Kishtani. And apparently, even Kishtani has been promoted and a new agent Karao Utsumi has joined in his leadership. So for most part, Kusanagi and Utsumi are involved in the case. Now here comes the problem, Kusanagi starts getting sympathetic towards the victim's wife, Ayane, who happens to be one of the suspects. So, Utsumi goes to Manabu Yukawa aka Detective Galileo for help. Now, those of you who haven't read the Devotion of Suspect X, might not be familiar with Detective Galileo. He is physicist by profession who teaches at the University but provides constant help to his old friend, Kusanagi, in solving his cases. He can be considered as the Japenese Sherlock. 

The review:
So these three set out in search out of truth, each with his own way. Yet all three reach at the same conclusion, something far beyond imagination. This book is more of a "Why-done-it" rather than "Who-done-it" but the secret behind the mystery is worth reading.

It's a well written book with grabs your full attention. It's definitely a page-turner and at-least I couldn't keep it down until it was finished. Although I again had the problems with the names, specially in first two chapters. I had to go back and recheck every time a name came up. The mystery content is 7.5/10 (Devotion of suspect had better mysteries and thrills) and that's what Higashino specializes in. The motive is quite clear in the first few pages and the murder has also occurred in like 10 pages or so, just like his previous book. This might make other such books boring, but not this one, and that's the beauty of it.

My Rating:
I would give this book a 4.3/5. I absolutely loved it, although could have been a little better as his last book really got our hopes very high. So, he has got to compete with his own writings. All in all, it's 378 pages of awesomeness! Must read! It's worth your every single penny!

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