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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
I recently saw an initiative on a blog which was meant to read books from authors you have not read before! I really liked it and I am thinking to adapting it myself. Now, I'll not be too ambitious in setting my target very high. I think targeting for 10 books seems appropriate. So, I pledge to read 10 books from authors I haven't read before and review them on this blog for your benefit! :P

As I have already read Chanakya's New Manifesto by Pawan K. Varma last month, I'll count that as one. :D So here I am presenting my second book- Tantra by Adi in my First Read Authors Pledge! :P

Tantra by Adi is a fictional book whose story revolves around a vampire-hunter, Anu. She is brought up in New York and was admitted to an academy where she was trained to be a vampire hunter. She lives a happy life until one day the vampires attack her boyfriend, Brian and kill him. So, our heroine looks for his killers for vengeance and ends up in New Delhi following the leads.

Now begins the story of the novel. Delhi turns out to be absolutely against her expectations in case of vampires and their hunting scenario. There is only one more hunter in Delhi, Amit as opposed to so many of them in New York. The Delhi vampires lead a sophisticated life with chauffeur driven cars whereas in New York, the vampires went out every night to attack people, jumping on roofs, planning their attack. In Delhi, the vampires and the vampire hunters live in pure harmony without making each other's life hell. They don't attack each other or interfere in each other's life until a major line has been crossed. This convinces her that she is not really needed in Delhi for the job she does best. 

However, she is needed for fighting different kind of battle. She has to fight a tantric - Baba Senaka- who practices human sacrifice to gain power and is planning to go huge with his powers. She is going to fight him now learning the sattvic methods and thus begins the war of Tantric vs Sattvic.

The story revolves majorly in Delhi and captures the essence of Delhi quite remarkably. The places, food joints, Delhi's culture have all been portrayed aptly.  The story is a bit old about getting vengeance except that this time the heroine is after the killers. It's a first of the vampire novels involving India and specially Delhi. However, the story is weak in some portions as it does not properly define the "shifts" which by the mid you'll presume as converting from human to supernatural powers with effects like healing instantly and being super-fast.

It provides the knowledge about tantra in extreme details which is a merit as well as a demerit. It has provided a very different concept about tantra than we have traditionally known but sometimes, it is dominating over the story-line  However, there is a scene between Anu and Pundit Grover (a pundit who is helping her learn sattvic powers) which has been portrayed beautifully. That seems to take you to another world with his powerful description.

About the author:
The author, Adi is a graduate from Stanford University and then Harvard University. He has published a poetry book and a minor textbook before this novelHis style of writing is nice but becomes too descriptive at times. He has promoted his book quite well by creating an official trailer of the book at YouTube apart from creating page at FaceBook and Twitter. However, if you check the website provided at the end of the book www.tantrabyadi.com , you'll be redirected to his Facebook page! Seems he could afford to buy a domain name but was too lazy to actually make a website! :D

My rating:
Overall, i would give this book a rating of 3.5/5. It's worth reading if you are out to trying something new.

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  1. Good description... I had the same feeling when i read the synopsis. Would try my hand sometime on the story as well.

  2. Thanks! yes you should read the book! :)

  3. Hey nice review. Loved your remark about the author's site. Hehe.. that was gold. Keep it up!

  4. Nice review! :) I personally had mixed feelings about this book. And ya! The website thing :P I thought I put in something wrong (and then was too lazy to check back). *smacks*

  5. @Abhyudaya Thanks! :)
    @Ashna Haha! I also thought the same but I lazily checked! ;)


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