Breaking Dawn!

Monday, May 27, 2013
Courtesy: Google Images

As the night melts into the dawn,
her tired self let out a yawn.
She lay on the bed lost in her thoughts,
her hands caressing her braided knots.

Too much noise echoing in her head,
the ex, the work, the morning bread.
His memories flashed as she lay alone,
that smile, those eyes, that husky tone.

Its been long that she visited her mom,
surviving the world on her own.
That jerk as a boss, was the icing on cake,
only so much that she can ever take!

She put on some music to ease her mind,
wished on the stars that life could be kind.
She closed her eyes and let out a yawn,
hope tomorrow brings her breaking dawn!


  1. Simple, subtle and beautifully written!! :)

  2. Awaiting breaks .. we continue working !! Strange Aint it ??
    Lovely read !!Apt !

  3. Hey yes we do and it's really strange. I guess its a never ending cycle! thanks a lot for your appreciation always! :)


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