Fast and Furious 6!

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Ever since I saw Fast and Furious 5, I have been madly in love with Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker). I have been desperately waiting for the release of Fast and Furious 6 ever since. The USP of this series are the fast cars, extremely large biceps (The Rock) and sexy girls. And the icing on the cake are the illegal race and thefts! How can you not fall in love with them! :D

For weeks I have lived in anticipation of the movie but being a research scholar, you have such boring nerdy friends that I have planning for weeks with whom should I watch it! Phew! Finally, Big bro came to my rescue. So, yay I booked the early morning show tickets for the first weekend! :D

Well, truly, the movie lives up to its reputations but not up to people's expectations! It has all its essentials components - fast cars, sexy bad guys, cute girls, action sequence, but it just didn't click. It had way too much happening with the appearance of Letty, Dom's girlfriend who had died previously in the series. Thus, it was like a connecting link between all the movies of the series till now. This made the plot a bit weak. As per my opinion, Fast 5 was the best in the series till now and it rose our expectations. Everyone expected the movie to go to another level which it couldn't deliver.

However, it is pretty interesting in itself and full-on entertainment. It even had bollywood-like sequences in between! Watch out yourself, I am not gonna ruin your movie! :P The funniest part is a large aircraft runs on the runway for full fifteen minutes which felt like an eternity! As one of my friends rightly asked, "How big was the freaking runway?" LMAO! :D

If you are a Fast 5 fan, you shouldn't miss out on this one either. And if, like me, you love Dom and Brian, it will like the biggest treat for your eyes. They are on screen for almost 90% of the time. You can miss them if and only if, The Rock is there too! :D I really wonder how big his biceps are! *Love-Struck*

All in all, the movie deserves a 3.86 out of 5 stars!

P.S. - Don't leave the theatre before the casting in the end! You might get a glimpse about Fast and Furious 7! :D :D (Buy Fast and Furious 6 from Flipkart)


  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful review Isha!! I have got thumbs up from people who have seen it so far !!


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