Half century!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
A week off from work seems like the best vacation - no worries, no deadlines, pure bliss! It's been only three days but I have had pretty much doing various things. For starters, I watched Fast and Furious 6 and Aurangzeb on the weekend. Aurangzeb was an unexpected pleasure - I really watched he movie just because I didn't have any other movie to watch and was pretty bored. However, it turned out to be quite nice. Yeah there were few points where there was too much confusion due to the double role. It was hard to understand which brother was present in the scene, but, other than that, it was quite entertaining. Disclaimer: If you liked Rajneeti, you'll probably like it. But if you felt puke-y or actually puked in Rajneeti seeing all the blood, don't go in for this! For my views on Fast and Furious 6, you may read my review here

And to do what I do in every vacation - I tried cooking! Yeah I have gotten better at it I guess 'coz my family members actually ate it all. Yeah! Even I was surprised! :P I made American sevpuri and also pasta! Obviously at different times! I also tried one-two more hairstyles for summers. A detailed analyses about all would require a separate post which I'll definitely write in this week itself! 

Pasta I made!

Coming back to the post's title, this is my fiftieth post - yes, I took a long time to reach that milestone but I am just glad I did! Party time! :D :D

I can't decide which movie to watch this weekend - Hangover 3 and/or Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Any suggestions? Leaving you all with one of my most fav song these days!


  1. Wow !! Let me first congratulate you on completing your half century on posts and still attached to blogging .. long way to go Isha :)
    I am happy to meet yet another woman who is learning cooking yet :D .. looks like men have by passed womankind in this so what we have lost everywhere else ?
    :D nice post !! Happy Blogging !!

    1. Thanks for your wishes! :)
      Yes I am still learning cooking. Hopefully, wouldn't take too long! :P Thanks for dropping by! ;)


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