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Saturday, June 15, 2013
This post won a runner up prize in the WeChat Contest by Indiblogger!

Just after I installed the new cool app on my droid, WeChat, did I come across this interesting contest by the same on IndiBlogger. The contest goes like this: 
"If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional."

Interesting yet complicated! It's a very tough choice to make because I have so many celebrities I adore, my ideals who have motivated my life in a lot of ways, and the people around me whom I love truly from the bottom of my heart. However I still managed to list out a few..

1. Bradley Cooper
He had to be the first one. Ever since I saw Hangover, I simply fell for him head-over-heels! That's one celebrity I can't get enough of! I am so crazy for him that I have actually seen all his movies a minimum of 10 times each. :D Although I so wanna go out on a date with him, but being a lady, I'll definitely not ask him first! :P
So 1 thing I am gonna ask him: "Are you sure Hrithik isn't your Kumbh-k-mele-me-khoya-hua bro?" :P

2. Sherlock Holmes
Yes, the fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but in a modernized way! I am talking about the lead actor in the new TV Series, Sherlock. The absolute genius with perfect logical abilities and apt control on his emotions. I adore him for the way he solves the most complex of cases and also the disguise. So cute he looks! :D

I would like to get a chance to interact with him as he has always been an inspiration for me to think beyond an average human mind; out-of-box approach. He is a reservoir of knowledge, maybe I will be able to learn some things from his immense knowledge during our chit-chat at WeChat! ;)

I will ask him: "Could you teach me how to play violin?" :D

3. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein, who had an IQ of 160, has always been known to the world as a man of science - mainly due to his vast contributions to the world of physics. He has been very well known for his famous theories - theory of relativity, E = mc², Modern Quantum Theory, Unified Field Theory, and so on. However, little does the world knows about his other side as a humble human being who believes in making mistakes and learning from them rather than not trying, who advocates understanding as opposed to blindly learning, who motivates people to enjoy life, who enjoys music since childhood and is a great violin player!

He has always been an inspiration for every budding researcher around the globe. It would be my honour if I could get one chance to talk to him just once. I, probably, wouldn't be able to speak as much as I would love to listen!

One of his quotes that I enjoy, "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"

4. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
I love poetry. Though I am really not so good at writing poems myself, but I have loved his poems since long before he joined politics. I have watched YouTube videos of his poetry for a long time. The depth and warmth his poems have, leave an ever-lasting impact on your mind. Everyone who has even slightest interest in poems should watch his early poems and speeches! Gives me goose-bumps! 

His poems have always given me a perspective and an insight into things which I yearned for! It would be a delight to hear poems directly from this great guy on WeChat! Maybe I'll even get a chance to show him my amateur attempt at poetry as well! :D

5. My parents
Yes, I do live with my parents! But today's technology has spoiled us so much that we spend more time addicted to our phones and laptops and interact with people more via social networking sites and apps than personally. So maybe, this will give me an opportunity to be more in touch with my parents than I usually do!

Sometimes, it's easier to express your feelings in written words and on phone than saying things face to face! So, this way I'll be able to tell my parents everyday how much I love them! :) :*

 This post is my entry for the WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere contest by Indiblogger and WeChat.

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A Toothy Affair

Sunday, June 2, 2013

There was a girl named Rosy,
who had a cute nosy.
She had beautiful brown eyes,
and hair up in ties.

She was just like a princess,
with golden-ish tresses.
But her smile was incomplete,
as she didn't care for her teeth.

One fine morning,
her mouth gave her a warning.
She woke up in pain,
blood oozing from a vein.

She ran to see the mirror,
astound, to her horror.
A front tooth was loose,
which gave way to the ooze.

She cried to her mother,
who took her to a doctor.
He reminded her - her crime,
& stitch in time saves nine.

If she didn't mend her ways,
She'll spoil her pretty face.
She'll be a tooth-less fairy,
who would be very scary.

She promised to the dentist,
she'll be very attentive
to her shiny white
& make them strong n bright.

So the moral of the story
Is kids, learn from Rosy
Don't ignore warning sign,
you'll be healthy, wealthy n shine.

This post is a part of Colgate Pro-Gum Health contest at IndiBlogger.

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