A Toothy Affair

Sunday, June 2, 2013

There was a girl named Rosy,
who had a cute nosy.
She had beautiful brown eyes,
and hair up in ties.

She was just like a princess,
with golden-ish tresses.
But her smile was incomplete,
as she didn't care for her teeth.

One fine morning,
her mouth gave her a warning.
She woke up in pain,
blood oozing from a vein.

She ran to see the mirror,
astound, to her horror.
A front tooth was loose,
which gave way to the ooze.

She cried to her mother,
who took her to a doctor.
He reminded her - her crime,
& stitch in time saves nine.

If she didn't mend her ways,
She'll spoil her pretty face.
She'll be a tooth-less fairy,
who would be very scary.

She promised to the dentist,
she'll be very attentive
to her shiny white
& make them strong n bright.

So the moral of the story
Is kids, learn from Rosy
Don't ignore warning sign,
you'll be healthy, wealthy n shine.

This post is a part of Colgate Pro-Gum Health contest at IndiBlogger.


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