Lootera - worst choice!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I have been dying to watch Raanjhanaa - the Kolaveri Di guy starrer :P Yes, everybody has been talking about how romantic the movie is, unrequited love! I wanna see Dhanush in a Banarasi role, the pretty Sonam Kapoor and the much talked about Abhay Deol! But as they say movie movie pe likha hai dekhne wale ka naam, I haven't been able to watch it till date! :'(

The last weekend I planned to watch it, I couldn't find a decent seat (excluding the first two rows and corner seats for obvious reasons) for both the days in any movie halls near my place. SO I ended up watching Fuk-Fuk-Fukreyyyy! Fukrey- the movie about the Delhiites as my non-Delhiites friends described it- was a good timepass. Obviously no major storyline but the acting of these new guys made up for it, pretty much. The highlight was a guy named Chucha - the best character in the movie! :D The movie is slow in the first half, but picks up the pace in second half and so fun!  

Talking of slow reminds of the worst two and a half hour spent in a movie hall - Lootera! The same happened this weekend and I decided to watch Lootera -  a decision I will regret for a mjority of my life! I am still in a state of shock! how could anyone make a movie like that! It was set up in the backdrop of 1950s, yet I can bet the people in those times would have been faster than the movie! The other problem I have is with the cast - Ranveer Singh looks like a DU dropout, not a sincere guy they "tried" to portray him in the movie. And Sonakshi - well I rather not get started on her. But in my opinion, choosing a better cast could have given the movie a better position than it is in right now!

I will not kill your "fun" by revealing any of the story, but I have to tell you the end is the worst part of the movie. You'll literally be surprised that it actually ended just like that! and yet it'll be the happiest time of the movie for you in the complete two and a half hours! :D

I cannot give the movie a rating of more than 1.5 out of 5 stars! A detailed review about the movie will be provided by The Furobiker very soon! :D

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  1. Ranjhana go and watch it .. if you havent yet :) and I am sure you will have few things to criticize in the 2nd half . the movie is awesome Dhanush is amazing!
    Fukrey .. typical Delhi crap and I loved it :)
    Lootera is slow indeed.. Ranbir was not looking so much out of place as you mentioned and the movie makes sense for many .. it will have a mix response .. its not that bad and for people who love films they will love it

    1. @mysay - now I'll watch ranjhana when the DVD is out! I don't wanna waste another weekend on any other movie trying to watch Ranjhana!
      Yeah definitely there will be a lot of people who will like lootera! Thankfully, I am not one of them! :D

  2. d flick should be praised for its honest canvassing of love on celluloid, it never was meant to be a 200 crore breaker or made to suffice d masses. neither was udaan a gr8 hit but d same developed cult status as time passed. n both being d products from the same man, guess he must be given credit for his beautifully directed movie... nor was much invested on ites production, a meagre 32 crores , of which it already has collected 19.. dis is one of those flicks to be enjoyed with your loved ones on a lazy sunday noon over a cup of tea ... laud him for making 2 not so known as good actors, give a commendable performance... Even lakshya was penned down by the audience but it waas n will always remain 1 of the gr8test acts enacted by an actor onscreen....


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