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Sunday, July 7, 2013
Life has been pretty busy these days - chilling! :P I have seen a lot of movies in the past few days, read a book and slept! - all in this weekend. And the day is still left! :D Well I will talk about the movies part later but here's my fourth book in First Read Authors Pledge - My Stroke with Luck. It's actually pretty interesting to read new authors as everyone has touched upon a different genre. This book talks about a man's emotional and physical journey from his stroke to his full recovery.

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Now this is the first book where I cannot reveal much details about the story to you. In a jist, it's the story of a common man who like all of us ignore's the body's warning signs till they take over and leave us in the worst of conditions. This man suffers a stroke which affects his left part of the brain and thus the right body (arms, hands, legs). This also affects his mental abilities, his speech, his vocabulary - almost all the essential things in life. But his will power and determination leads him to a path of success.

He had so much will-power that he had to learn from the basics - alphabets, numbers, everything - and yet post stroke he has managed to write two books before this one! That surely deserves a standing applause! Hats off man! *Respect*

About the author:
Vijay Santhanam was born in Madras (now Chennai), India. He is graduated from the University of Roorkee – now Indian Institute of technology (IIT), Roorkee – in 1986 and the IIM – Ahmedabad in 1988. His 21 years of corporate career included senior marketing roles with Procter and Gamble and BP. Having Planned for, and happily taken, early retirement from corporate life, Vijay is now able to pursue his passions more fully – writing, teaching, following sports and other interest. His published books include (co-authored with Shyam Balasubramanian). If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God in 2009 and The Business of Cricket: The story of Sports Marketing in India in 2011. Vijay is also a visiting professor at IIM-A and IIM-Lucknow. He is currently based in Singapore.

In my opinion, apart from his motivational journey, this book can also act as a rule-book for people who have suffered a stroke and their relatives. It not only talks about his success and failures during the course of recovery, it also emphasizes on how the patient felt at all times, what he expected of people and what he didn't. His wife, a strong character, very patiently and maturely handles his situation by supporting him yet not treating him like a child who cannot manage anything on his own. 

There are a lots of parts in the book which I really liked - like the time when he goes to his home on a one-day visit in between his therapies, his interaction with his son which didn't require much words but was still heart touching.

I would recommend people to read this book to know what will power id, and how effective it is. If this guy also spent his life cursing destiny and God and asking questions like Why Me, he wouldn't have achieved as much as he did in the past couple of years. He is leading a pretty much normal life now - which is remarkable in itself.

I would give this book a rating of 4 out of 5. In its own genre, it is pretty remarkable.

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