His Scent

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sitting by the window with brewing coffee in a hand and half-read book in another, she looked out the window. The bright sunny afternoon had suddenly turned dark with flashes of lightning. "It's going to pour heavily today", she thought while tying her hair in a messy bun. Rain had always been close to her heart as its smell brought back the rarely visited scenes from her memory.

Rain played its charm today as well - her mind wandered to the day when she first saw him. He was drenched in rain from head to toe but still tried to protect his tightly held folder. His deep set eyes, the innocent look on his face but a mischievous smile, the familiarity it had, the charm he possessed and the warmth of his touch were still fresh in her mind since they had first collided. "Sorry", he said collecting his things which had fallen on the railway platform while she stood there mesmerized by his boyish charm. It felt as if she skipped a heartbeat. "Its alright", she tried to say but the words stuck to her lips.

He ran away to catch his train but his scent lingered on for long in her breath and his face in her memory. She moved on as well but time and again, the scent of the rains brought back his scent and that face again.

She could melt in that scent and never come out of her little cocoon of that moment on the platform. Suddenly a tap on the shoulder forced her out of that cocoon and brought her back to reality but that face remained- it just melted from her thoughts into reality. However, it looked a bit older, way older because that boyish charm had gone and the years left a mark there but his mischievous smile had retained. With the same charming smile he said, "Could I get a cup of tea darling?" She got up abruptly trying to hide her blush.  Even after 25 years of marriage, he could make her heart skip a beat!

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