Never Mind Yaar: Book Review

Friday, September 27, 2013
Never Mind Yaar! That's my philosophy too these days in life! However, this post is not regarding my life's philosophy, it's the title of my fifth book in the First Read Author's Pledge (here's a link of what it means!).

Title : Never Mind Yaar  
Author : K Mathur
Genre: Fiction
Price [INR] : Rs 350
Number of Pages : 214
Publisher : Southpac Publishers Ltd
ISBN : 978-0-473-17480-4

The Story:
When long time friends Binaifer Desai and Louella D’Costa meet Shalini Dayal at Gyan Shakti College, a true friendship that transcends cultural and religious backgrounds is born. Louella is a Christian, Binaifer, a Parsi and Shalini, a Hindu. The novel’s main plotline surrounds Shalini who has fallen for an impetuous student activist, Bhagu. Where does his desire to help the less fortunate lead him? The challenges are many – Shalini’s tradition bound family, the couple’s youth and inexperience and the travails of life in Mumbai, a city the girls love but know, is fraught with communal tension.

About the Author:
Born and brought up in Mumbai, K. Mathur lives with her family in New Zealand. Mathur showcases her unique perspective into her city’s psyche in Never Mind Yaar.

“I’ve always enjoyed my city except when violence has erupted between communities. On the whole people seem to get along fine. We are proud of our own community but accept that others are proud of theirs. The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the languages and dialects we converse in are diverse and most of us say vive la difference. But there’s a handful in every community who are extremely suspicious of those differences.”

“Why is secularism or a different way of doing things such a threat to these people? This issue has disturbed me since the 1980s when I witnessed communal riots in Mumbai. I felt compelled to talk about it in Never Mind Yaar. But first and foremost, the book is a love story and a story of friendship and fun between three young girls from different backgrounds – Hindu, Parsi and Christian – who meet at college.”

The Review:
 Whenever anybody says college, all I can think about is the unlimited fun in the care-free days when one steps out of a formal school life and into the world of the unknowns! Everyone, every thing and every setting seems new, they are provided a whole new platform to discover themselves and make their name to shine out there in beautiful colors. So as soon as I read that this book is about college life, I leaped and hopped at the opportunity to be able to finally lay my hands on it. But to tell you the truth, it didn't live up to my expectations as it couldn't bring back my nostalgic memories and "that" feeling of being the new one in the college.

It is a love story with a political angle (just like Ranjhaannaa) but the magic was a bit lacking. In my opinion, they author tried to put in too many variations of plot in a single book - there was cultural intermingling, a budding romance, and an upcoming political party. For me personally, it was too much to take in as it affected the pace of the book significantly. Also, being set up in Mumbai, it portrayed Mumbai to a large extent but it couldn't capture the essence of college life in the Bollywood city. 

The title has been played beautifully - it is the exact opposite of what the book shows! The 'Never Mind' psychology which almost all college students have is NOT present in the book. On the contrary, the students seemed pretty conscious about what was happening around them, for instance, the students rebelled against the lousy canteen food, and the lovebirds Shalini and Bhagu faced some trials and tribulations in their relationship but even they sorted the issues at hand.

If you want a light read about Mumbai and the college life, you may wanna take this up! (Although slightly overpriced at Rs 350 :P)

I would give this book a rating of 2.5 out of 5. 

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Vintage Love

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

She looked at him,
all dreamy eyed.
He shot a look,
oh! she could've died!

Just the new love glitters,
she disagreed.
She had her jitters,
and so she beamed.

Days months go by,
love doesn't fade.
When he held her hand,
she knew it stayed.

Counting the years
on her fingers, she said.
It's just been five,
five lifetimes, she prayed.

Happy anniversary my love,
you're worth the wait.
You are my treasure,
my hero, my fate!

He held her in his arms,
"I love you my babe
with you by my side,
there's nothing I can't take"

They say that love
fades away with time.
But I say it beams
as it ages like the wine.

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The Future of Online Shopping

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey Earth Folks! This is going to be my last post from Earth since I am moving to Mars next week - September 17, 2030! As you all must be aware, Mars One launched an initiative to inhabit people on the red planet. Well well, I couldn't tell you this earlier as I wasn't allowed to! But long back in 2013, when Mars one launched the initiative I was one of the 20,000 people from India that enrolled for the initiative. As the program has been pretty successful and five batches of 6 people each have already established their homes at Mars, so next is my turn!

I am excited but pretty nervous at the same time! Yeah I know the authorities have made arrangements for the basic amenities - food, water, shelter but come on, a girl would be much more worried about the shopping than these stuff! :P Of course I can shop here yaar, but what will I do once I am at Mars! Even thinking about it gives me shivers! But thanks to eBay, half my worries have been taken care of.

Holo - I am thinking of buying him! So adorable! :*

Remember the time, when we used to go out to shop and couldn't trust the online sites because the clothes might not fit you and then you had to return them and get the altered version! Phew! Weird days, dunno how I survived back then! But nowadays, thanks to the cool holography technology hybridized with the shopping sites - I can see the life size 3D image of any object I want at the eBay site - popping right in front of my screen! Now  can stand right next to a sexy top and check if it fits me or not!

Just yesterday I bought a new dress - but the only problem was all the dresses which were of the right length were tighter at the waist (Don't you dare call me fat! :x) But however, after panicking for full two hours and comparing myself by twisting me waist standing next to the dress, I figured out a new feature I wasn't aware of! I could alter it right there just by pinching the holograph short at the knees and expanding right with my fingers at the waist (just like we zoom images in our smartphones!) I actually danced with joy after seeing this!

But that's still not the best part - the best feature is I can mix and match the accessories as well! No I am not talking about the necklace and bangles! I actually switched the bow on my dress in the holograph - wasn't properly pointed at the ends and also changed it from dull polka dots to the bright fluorescent yellow I am in love with these days! :D Just like Iron Man used to change his gadgets on his cool suits on his HUD (Heads Up Display)! Wow, eBay gave me superhero powers at my fingertips! I even checked the price of a similar dress by eBayCheck - I got it for 20% less than "The Vintorsa!" *dancing dancing dancing*

Being a Punjabi, I had the deep urge to flaunt this new convergence of awesome technologies in front of my Mars mates! So I am carrying the eBay 3-D printer with me to the Red Planet so that I can get the dress by 3-D printing within 20 minutes in front of all my new friends! :P I got the latest model of the 3D printer so I can even get it in the fabric of my choice. Cool, isn't it? I so wanna see the look on the face of my new friends when they see my dress being printed there in front of them! :D

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Satyagraha - The Best of Performances!

Sunday, September 1, 2013
Satyagraha is defined by Wikipedia as an insistence ("aagraha") of truth ("satya"). It is a particular philosophy and practice within the broader overall category generally known as nonviolent resistance or civil resistance. Please don't be surprised at me writing these definitions - I really wanted to be sure what the word meant to be able to justify the name of the Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan starrer Prakash Jha's creation - Satyagraha.

This movie is meant to be seen for some of the best performances by some of the great actors!

The story-line is pretty straight forward in terms of fighting the government against the corruption and scams. It can be said to be loosely resembling the Anna-Kejriwaal scenario that was all over the media in the past. It is about the beliefs of an old man, Amitabh Bachchan, who wants to straighten the system for the help to others. Ajay Devgan, the torch bearer of the "jan aandolan", tries to bring the cause in limelight against all odds. His efforts have been portrayed very beautifully - paying college students for promotions to creating FB pages, and bringing fake support on first day to initiate the incoming people. Kareena Kapoor, an ABP News reporter is in their side along with Amrita Rao who plays Amitabh's daughter-in-law.

Amitabh Bachchan's screen presence as usual makes other actors disappear and stays in focus as long as he is in the scene. Ajay Devgan, who has gained a lot of weight, was an angry young man with strong beliefs - a lot like Gangaajal. Kareena looks so gorgeous even in such a non-glam role - makes me adore her even more! However, the two actors who won my heart with their performance are Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpayee. Manoj Bajpayee is the politician everybody is fighting against - yet I couldn't hate him even for a second. I loved one of his lines, " Har politician itni mehnet karta hai elections me taaki paanch saal k liye select hoe aur jee bhar k kama paye. Koi aam aadmi usse ye haq nhi cheen sakta." 

Arjun Rampal who played the part of a young budding politician looked so apt in the role as if it was real - it was one of his finest performances. He had his own unique charm and a strong personality - made me fall in love with him! I lost my heart to him as soon as he entered with a rifle in his hand - No he isn't a villain but even if he was, he would have made for the most handsome villain in the history of Bollywood! *blinded by love*

The songs are pretty catchy, like Janta rocks! and Satyagraha - title song. It also has a romantic number Saanwariya - Raske Bhare Thore Naina in which Kareena apparently declined giving any intimate shots. So the director placed a fake movie kiss to fool the audience! :P However, the title track won my heart, thus leaving the link with you.

I would rate this movie a 4.1 out of 5 stars! Do watch it for an awesome experience :D

P.S. The movie has one or two very violent scenes including a large amount of blood and stuff. Close your eyes then but don't miss the movie! :D

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