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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey Earth Folks! This is going to be my last post from Earth since I am moving to Mars next week - September 17, 2030! As you all must be aware, Mars One launched an initiative to inhabit people on the red planet. Well well, I couldn't tell you this earlier as I wasn't allowed to! But long back in 2013, when Mars one launched the initiative I was one of the 20,000 people from India that enrolled for the initiative. As the program has been pretty successful and five batches of 6 people each have already established their homes at Mars, so next is my turn!

I am excited but pretty nervous at the same time! Yeah I know the authorities have made arrangements for the basic amenities - food, water, shelter but come on, a girl would be much more worried about the shopping than these stuff! :P Of course I can shop here yaar, but what will I do once I am at Mars! Even thinking about it gives me shivers! But thanks to eBay, half my worries have been taken care of.

Holo - I am thinking of buying him! So adorable! :*

Remember the time, when we used to go out to shop and couldn't trust the online sites because the clothes might not fit you and then you had to return them and get the altered version! Phew! Weird days, dunno how I survived back then! But nowadays, thanks to the cool holography technology hybridized with the shopping sites - I can see the life size 3D image of any object I want at the eBay site - popping right in front of my screen! Now  can stand right next to a sexy top and check if it fits me or not!

Just yesterday I bought a new dress - but the only problem was all the dresses which were of the right length were tighter at the waist (Don't you dare call me fat! :x) But however, after panicking for full two hours and comparing myself by twisting me waist standing next to the dress, I figured out a new feature I wasn't aware of! I could alter it right there just by pinching the holograph short at the knees and expanding right with my fingers at the waist (just like we zoom images in our smartphones!) I actually danced with joy after seeing this!

But that's still not the best part - the best feature is I can mix and match the accessories as well! No I am not talking about the necklace and bangles! I actually switched the bow on my dress in the holograph - wasn't properly pointed at the ends and also changed it from dull polka dots to the bright fluorescent yellow I am in love with these days! :D Just like Iron Man used to change his gadgets on his cool suits on his HUD (Heads Up Display)! Wow, eBay gave me superhero powers at my fingertips! I even checked the price of a similar dress by eBayCheck - I got it for 20% less than "The Vintorsa!" *dancing dancing dancing*

Being a Punjabi, I had the deep urge to flaunt this new convergence of awesome technologies in front of my Mars mates! So I am carrying the eBay 3-D printer with me to the Red Planet so that I can get the dress by 3-D printing within 20 minutes in front of all my new friends! :P I got the latest model of the 3D printer so I can even get it in the fabric of my choice. Cool, isn't it? I so wanna see the look on the face of my new friends when they see my dress being printed there in front of them! :D

This fictional post is a part of The Future of Shopping contest by eBay on IndiBlogger!

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