Vintage Love

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

She looked at him,
all dreamy eyed.
He shot a look,
oh! she could've died!

Just the new love glitters,
she disagreed.
She had her jitters,
and so she beamed.

Days months go by,
love doesn't fade.
When he held her hand,
she knew it stayed.

Counting the years
on her fingers, she said.
It's just been five,
five lifetimes, she prayed.

Happy anniversary my love,
you're worth the wait.
You are my treasure,
my hero, my fate!

He held her in his arms,
"I love you my babe
with you by my side,
there's nothing I can't take"

They say that love
fades away with time.
But I say it beams
as it ages like the wine.


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