Salman Defending Big Brats!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well, after seeing Bigg Boss Season 7 for so many weeks, I have to admit Salman Khan has lost his status of being unbiased on the show and his place in my heart! :( 
He is of lately defending Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee (not openly though). But there are many instances which I can quote when Salman favoured these big brats of rich families - maybe to defend their family name or maybe for personal friendship's sake.

  • The famous Andy-Armaan brawl where Armaan went to the lengths to calling Andy an eunuch. Well Andy's mistake: he "by mistake" replied to something as "tum hoge, tumhare baap hoge". I am not saying that Andy was correct in saying that, but he immediately realised that he made a mistake. However Armaan went on for a long time thoroughly abusing Andy.
      Salman Khan's reaction was to blame housemates that they didn't inform Armaan that Andy felt sorry about saying it. And had they conveyed that to Armaan, he would have cooled down and stopped reacting and abusing. Really? Sher k muh me haath daalne jaata kaun?

  • Last week's Vodafone caller of the week's question: When Armaan didn't save Anita Jee in the nominations and lied to her, then how could he blame Asif of lying about taking his name at the wishing wall?
       Salman again diverted the topic a bit to give Armaan some time to think. Soch le beta, ache se soch. Mere mazaak se thoda hint hi le le :P

  • This week Armaan-Asif clash during gym workout.
Salman advised Asif to walk away or follow Gandhiji's saying of offering a second cheek to slap. Please! I don't even need to explain my point! Please Sallu miya ek baar Armaan ko bhi to daant do na! :'(

  • When Pratyusha openly attacked Tanisha and Armaan in front of all housemates and Salman, she went about for so long with actual instances well prepared, only to get Salman making them watch a recap of 24! 
Well, now this one is more funny than anything else. Poor Pratyusha couldn't even understand (like always) where did her "topic of discussion" fly away! :D

P.S. This is all in good humour! I am a huge Salman Khan's fan and I would really love to see Armaan and Tanisha playing their own game instead of Salman fixing them up!

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