What The Black!

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Black is Sexy & Hot and makes you everything you're not! 
What the Black! :D
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All Black or Not Black?
Now my love for black doesn't end with my bad poetry, it goes way beyond. Black is Beautiful. Black is Classy. Black is Prestigious. Haven't you ever wondered what would have happened if the whole world was black, like a black sky with a black sun. Then people would work only at night when moon came. Or if we had a black paper and had to write with fireflies on them to make them visible. If water in the rivers was black and fishes full of sparkles, milk was black with black ice cubes. People would have ordered "White Tea/Coffee" for a change in taste. ;) 

Oh and what if black didn't ever exist? If every black thing we have ever known was not black like people's hair color. What if everyone had a different color based on the time of the day they were born or maybe it could have been transparent! Or shadows weren't black! Too scary that would have been! `X(

Even Nerds are talking about black these days! Here's a post by 'xkcd' which talks about the concept of black in pie chart! It's a different comic in which contents of any one panel are dependent on the contents of other panels. Confused? So was I, but look closely! (More clarification at the source link)

Source: xkcd

If it were in my hands, I would get everything in black, but as I am not allowed, here's my list of the five black things I wanna own, or as I call it, My Black Wishlist! :-*

1. A 'Little Black Dress'
I would love to own a perfect little black dress - the one that makes me feel just perfect! As Edith Piaf once said, "When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place". I can never over-emphasise on the importance of a little black dress in a girl's life - its a must have and yet I don't have it till now! Now I'm wondering why! /floor
LOL. I would give up anything to have my perfect little black dress. \:D/

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2. Black Money
Psst! Don't spill this secret to anyone but its my dream to have these big bundles of cash hidden in a secret bank account in some other country! I mean, who doesn't fancy a (read many) Swiss Account?! :D Yes of course, we all want to earn our bread and butter by working hard (only for moral police :P), but a little bit of extra money doesn't hurt anyone! Or even lots of it, for that matter! ;)
So, I want lottle black money, its like 'little' except its a 'lot'! :P =))

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3. Black Hole
NO! It is not a big giant hole and I don't wanna jump into it for writing this post! A Black Hole is a region in space with such high gravity that it does not let anything escape from it, not even light. In short, whatever goes in black hole, stays in black hole! ;)  The question in your minds would be, what would I do with it? So, this is how it works. If I own a black hole, it makes it easier for me to get the above mentioned things as I just have to get them near my black hole, and voila, they're mine forever! *Deep love in my eyes* :x
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4. Black Magic
Yeah, I can actually imagine myself as a witch riding on my broom and scaring little children! *evil laugh* Just Kidding. Not the kind of black magic you see devils doing. I wanna have my own kind of magic which has a tinge of Harry Potter, a tinge of Fred-George Weasleys, a tiny bit of Voldemort, and some of Dumbledore! Now that will make me good, mischievous, a bit evil and with lots of wisdom kind of wizard! How's that! :D Oh, with power of throwing fire (like in Clash of Clans). Don't tell me you don't play that game! :-O

5. Black Dragon
I wanna be a Khaleesi! You'll understand that if you are a Game of Thrones fan! Well, if you aren't, please Google it 'coz I consider it an insult to the great series to describe what it means! :P But, I am in love with her three dragons, and I wanna have one of my own! Well, with that dragon, no one can mess with me and there isn't anything I wouldn't be able to own then. Right? I can already imagine myself flying on my black dragon! Woohooo.. *Dracarys and puff you go* 

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If my wishlist comes true, I'll get fame, power, money and success. What more could I want? ;)

So, what will be the five black things that you wanna own? Do lemme know :)

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My Super-Powered Zen-phone!

Friday, July 25, 2014
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We have supercars, supercomputers, superfoods, superheroes, supernova, super powers, super woman and almost everything is super awesome. But my phone is still just smart, not super smart! And that's not fair at all! Now, I'm not blabbering for no reason. I happened to break my sweet phone and was searching for a new one but the problem - they're all almost the same! Yes with smart features but if one of them had something unique, that would have made the choice easier. Wouldn't it?

I was wondering, if I could be like a Genie and grant wishes to my phone, what would it wish for? May be a super-hot owner! :P But, what if I could give it some superpowers! Like the ability to fix itself, then I wouldn't have to buy a new phone! :P

So here I am going to present some of the super-powers I would like my super smartphone to have! My phone is gonna bring peace and balance to the world, so I'm gonna name it 'Zen'fone! :D

1. Superpower to Fight Villains!
Not the ones in movies, but pretty much the same! You'll be knowing that girls in Delhi risk their lives pretty much everyday when they step out of home as Delhi is filled with Villains! Nirbhaya case was the alarm of how save Delhi is for girls! So, I would like my phone to have a super power to fight the bad guys and make sure all the girls are safe in its company! 

For that, it needs to have a lot of strength (Gorilla glass), the right amount of training and a super-fast multi-core processor with hyper-threading technology! That will allow it to multi-task and fight all the bad guys at the same time, call for help for the girl, inform the police, and play background music "Hud-hud dabang dabang" :D 

2. Superpower to Reduce Pollution!
Being a research scholar in the field of environment, I am bound to jump fences and fly through the skies to save the environment on the first hint of a chance. On a serious note, there's just too much pollution everywhere and it's what we are inhaling every second. Still not convinced? Okay, lemme try differently.
When was the last time you looked up to the sky and saw a breath-taking view of the star-studded sky that your mom used to tell you about in the childhood fables? Can't remember? Now think of the last vacation you had in the mountains? Do you remember the fresh breeze and its sweet scent? I'm still lost in its memories. 

Wouldn't you want to feel like that everyday - the fresh air entering your system and purifying your mind and thoughts! So, my phone will have the ability to detect the pollution levels at all times and reduce them within limits and then using its 3D graphics in the GPU, make our micro-environment similar to the childhood fables! 

3. Superpower to Detect Lies!
World will definitely be a better place without lies. Some great soul once said, "A tiny lie hurts more than a hundred knives together!" Oh! I guess it was me! :P  

When I'm having high-melodrama talks with people, I really keep on wondering what goes inside their minds! When people lie, do they really believe their own lies at that moment or their mind smirks at its shrewdness? So, my superphone will definitely have the superpower to read people's mind and alert me when they lie to me! An alarm of "Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai" would be super awesome! :D Okay, we'll choose a secret tune, something more subtle! :/

4. Superpower to Heal!

That's a power that could be a blessing to the whole world - the ability to heal people and other living beings. That would take away a lot of sorrows and bring smiles on faces of millions who are fighting with incurable diseases. There's no gift like the gift of life! :)

These superpowers would make my phone super-awesome! If these superpowers are added to ASUS Zenfone 6, then I'll be able to know what others don't know, feel what others can only imagine and do what others never can! :D

Do check out ASUS Zenfone 6!
Its SonicMaster, PixelMaster, GloveTouch and other features really make it quite unique! It's 2X2:Intel® Atom™ Multi-Core Z2580 Processor 2.0 GHz with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology enhances its performance and makes it power efficient too. It's touch responsiveness is super-fast with a response time of 60ms. And it looks so elegant - slim, sexy and beautiful! Plus, it's also a RedDot Award winner. OMG! Now I wanna own one ASUS Zenfone 6 in  Cherry red color! :*

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Zesty Life

Monday, July 21, 2014
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Blogadda is out with a new topic about things that Zest up your life! "Feature the five things, people or situations that Zest up your life." The topic immediately made me wonder what are those things/situations that I love doing which would zest up my life! Trust me, it took me a long while to be able to figure out the list. Maybe we are too busy doing the routine like a machine that we sometimes forget what really you want to do. But finally here's my list of the things that zest up my life.

1. Reading. 
No, I am not a nerd. Or partially, yes. Being a research scholar, people expect me to read a lot but to tell you the truth, I am not really into that sort of reading. Neither do I enjoy the stuff written for commercial purposes. It's too obvious, too run-of-the-mill. I enjoy reading what people write for leisure - there are some piece of writing which you read and it touches your heart. As Naseeruddin Shah says in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, "Doosron ke liye nahi, khud ke liye kuch likhte ho?" (Do you write something for yourself, other than what you write for others?)

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2. Helping the Needy
Now, I am not saying this to show off my moral conscience. It's just that sometimes even a small bit for us can be a great impact for others. In Delhi's scorching heat, when we can sustain without the air-conditioner for more than an hour, there are a lot of people who struggle even for water, let aside chilled one. Giving them yours doesn't seem like a huge task on burden on us, but it surely gives me a bit of satisfaction.

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3. Rains
I don't enjoy rains like they show in Bollywood flicks where a heroine in a transparent saree dances around the trees. I am more of a sit-by-the-window-and-inhale-the-magnificent-smell kind of a person. Nothing beats the rain for cheering me up. The calmness and serenity found in the rain is a pleasure which I can't describe in words. 

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4. Long Drives
Long Drives in long cars! That's what I love! Oh, and I prefer someone else driving as I am not that good a driver specially at high speeds. I would very much risk my life in someone else's hands than my own! :D Oh, wait, maybe Tata people just sprinkle their love on me by giving me their new car, Zest. Now, that would surely zest up my life ;)

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5. Family functions
If you belong to a Punjabi family, you'll know that the chaos for the function starts many days in advance. From what to wear, matching accessories, not matching with others clothes, how blingy should it be, how blingy are others are just some of the tensions that we have! Then the major party well that's a different story. But family get-togethers, even though are chaotic from start to end, are the major uplift of my life. As KJo says, "Its all about the family". 

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