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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They say there's no place like home and that reminds me of an old song, "Har ghar chup chaap se yeh kehta hain, ke andar usme kaun rehta hain". :D I have been wanting to renovate my home to give it a touch of my own for a very long time. So, while surfing the internet for many hours, I stumbled upon this awesome mirror (picture below) by Deknudt mirrors on

Deknudt Mirror
This designer mirror is composed by four mirror elements, which are positioned on a higher level than its supporting black glass. Thus, this mirror represents a detailed image of boulders. This cool mirror can be turned around for 360 degrees, thanks to its special suspension system. This is a must have for my home now as it describes funky style like mine. 

Well, apart from this mirror, there were many cool things on the that made me scroll further. The second must-have I found on this website for a contemporary look was a 3D Effect Wall Decal by Wonder Arts. 

Wonder Arts 3D Effects Wall Decal

These cool 3D realistic stickers add such a class to the walls without to go through the pains of getting shadow boxes carved in the walls. My home was under construction for some time and I'm too tired of  the construction dust that fills the house and my lungs and the loud noises. This seems like a much better and easy way to add such beauty to the walls. Although, when I'll put them in my home, I'm gonna put them in sequential order like this:

The third thing that I really lost my heart to was the Globe Bookends by The Yellow Door. Being a bookaholic, this seemed like the thing which marked my presence perfectly. The tiny iron-globes on both ends seem adorable due to their pewter finish. 

The Yellow Door Globe Bookends
My all-time favourite books have been dancing all night in the excitement of getting new place on my table between these bookends.  >:D<

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First image: Google images
Product images: website

More details about these products
Details about the mirror: Link mirror
Details about the 3D stickers: Link
Details about the Bookends: Link bookends

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  1. I am afraid that i may have to put my home for sale if i need to buy all these stuff in my home :P :P .

  2. Wow these are stylish and amazing ideas.


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