Play With Me: Book Review

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Title: Play With Me
Author: Ananth
Genre: Fiction/Erotica
Price: Rs 250 (Buy from at Rs 198)
Number of pages: 252
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 9780143423621

The Blurb:
Not very often is one confronted with ravishing beauty. Sid is a successful photographer who works in a boutique advertisement agency. He is single and pretty much has everything he had ever wanted – a rewarding job which happens to be his passion, great co-workers and a smooth sailing life. But the one thing missing, perhaps the most important, is love. And one day, a stunning, independent, free-spirited woman called Cara walks into his life. The two get involved in a thrilling affair, sexually obsessed, which drastically changes all of Sid’s ideas about love. The relationship completely alters the way he thinks about the natural, sensual pleasure. But again, everything changes because something strange happens in Sid’s life - he discovers himself falling intensely in love with another woman. Does that mean he has to walk out on Cara? How will he deal with his new love interest? Find out the answers and more in Play with Me - a story of those emotions that are universal, timeless, and which touch everyone’s life.

About the Author:
Ananth is a young Indian author and Sr. Vice President at Penguin. He is also a photographer who loves petting dogs, and a keen bibliophile.

The Review:
Judging this book from the cover will not be a huge mistake! As it belonged to erotica, the first thought that comes to mind is Fifty Shades of Grey! However, as I didn't read that book, I can't really compare the two. The story is a bit straight-forward with a male protagonist (Sid) and his two love interests (Nat and Cara). In absence of any twists and turns, the plot revolves around Sid's emotions, mixed feelings, confusion between choosing one of the two. The characters, although described vividly by the author, are not so familiar to me. Honestly, I haven't met such confused urban-characters in my life! Infidelity seems like the flavour of the book with a lot of people practicing it and blaming it on living life for the moment.

Being an erotica, it does have loads of love making scenes, most of which could have been easily avoided (I would have loved if I had to read less of the redundant scenes). The author, though lacking a bit in vocabulary, makes up in his ability to describe the emotions and feelings. I really liked the way he was able to describe his feelings in such simplistic manner that at some points I was able to understand his otherwise screwed up way of thinking. The flawed characters are really in, I guess. The last three novels I read definitely had one of these but this one had all flawed which spiced up things! 

One remarkable thing about his writing style is, he has described characters so beautifully that I could actually visualize them all in person! Just one wish remains to know how Sid looks because he described everyone except for himself. Although I imagined him to be tall, fair and really handsome that's why two main female leads go gaga over him! ;)

The best part of this book is the climax - not for any major twists but purely for the writing. The author also includes a poem by Vikram Seth which won my heart. Apart from that, he ends the novel with a magnificent style of writing. For me, the most fav part will be the last two chapters!

Who will like it: Anyone looking for a light, urban lifestyle based story with loads of "love making".
Who will not like it: Thriller lovers. 

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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