The Scribbler's Orchard: Part 15

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Team Name: Scribbler's Orchard
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Amidst the discussions regarding the involvement of Mr Ahuja aka Acharya in the on-going kidnapping of Roohi and PM, the doorbell rang. Tara went to open the door and was shocked and relieved at the same time. In front of her, stood Roohi in her uniform with tears in her eyes. Tara , being unable to control her emotions, tears flowing out of her eyes with happiness, hugs Roohi and kisses her all over. She shouts, "Shekhar! Our Roohi is back. Come here. My baby is back!" Shekhar shook Tara strongly to bring her out of her hallucination. Jennifer offered her a glass of water and she realised she had just been dreaming of Roohi's return. Her baby was still out there with some dangerous people who are a part of a bigger plan which involves the abduction of the PM. 

Jennifer, after waiting for Tara to regain control of herself, started explaining how she came to know Mr Ahuja was involved. She explained to Shekhar and Tara about how Cyrus was used as a suicide bomber, his hospitalisation, her curiosity about his involvement and her going through his stuff. "I found out that Cyrus had been an intern under Mr Ahuja's lawyer in the past where he found about Mr Ahuja's cases which involved illegal trade practices. He has written blog posts regarding these but didn't publish them. I read these in his laptop at the hospital.", expressed Jennifer. She then showed the three of them some images of a charity function which was held two months ago in Mumbai in which the PM and Acharya can be seen standing next to each other. 
"But that does not mean Mr Ahuja is involved in PM's kidnapping. They might just be having good relations", argued Arjun.
"Yeah but...", Jennifer stopped, scared that she might reveal more than she should. Shekhar read the expression on her face but waits for the right moment.
"I will start investigating about Mr Ahuja and any connections with the abductions but its too early to accuse anyone at this moment!", assured Arjun before leaving The Orchard

Shekhar waited for Tara to leave before confronting Jennifer, "So what were you hiding?"
"I was conscious because Arjun was still here but it is regarding the photos I gave you", Jennifer explained.
"How is Mr Ahuja related to those photos? He was not in any of them!"
"Yes, he wasn't but he was at the function and left early. What if he is the one behind the bombings at Ganesh Chaturthi, Roohi's kidnapping and PM's abduction?"
"Then my little baby is in big danger Jennifer!"

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