The Scribbler’s Orchard: Part 4

Monday, September 15, 2014

Team Name: Scribblers' Orchard
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In a corner of the room in The Orchard, Shekhar sat facing an open window that led to their lawn with lush-green grass whose tips were shining due to sunrays falling on the dew giving them a heavenly look. Oblivious to the beauty that lay in front of him, he was lost in thoughts of what Jennifer had told him. If they were aware that Jennifer had the photos and that she was going to Kochi with the exact flight number, it meant that they were following her for long. Does that mean they knew he had the photos of the murder? Was that why his Roohi was kidnapped..? His thoughts were interrupted by Tara's loud scream. 'Roohi! Roohi, my baby!', she was shouting.
'Wake up Tara', he said while shaking her. 'It was just a bad dream.'
'They have our daughter Shekhar! They have my Roohi. It's all because of you! Bring my baby back!', she shouted in between her sobs.
'Calm down. I'm trying...', he was saying but was interrupted by his phone's ringtone. It was a private number which made his heart stop. He let it ring for sometime before picking up, 'Hello'.
'Do you want to see your daughter again or not?', said a hoarse voice on the other end. 
'Who are you? Where's my daughter?', shouted Shekhar.
'Listen to me carefully. I will not keep her for long. She's young and blooming. I will get any price I demand for her. Now you decide, you'll pay the price or should I advertise her in the market?'
'You bastard! Don't do dare touch my daughter!'
'There's a package outside your door. This is your only chance to save your daughter!' and the line went blank.

He rushed outside the house to get the package and Tara ran after him. There lay a blank large envelope on their doormat. He looked around but there was no one else as far as he could see. They came inside and opened the envelope. There were three half-nude pictures of little Roohi which made Tara burst into cries. Her usually composed self broke on watching her baby in this state. Along with the pictures was a note which read, "Return the photos that you have and I'll return your daughter. Or else, you can keep these as her last memory. You have two days to decide the future of your daughter!" 


Cyrus woke up with a start in the dark room. The morphine's effect was slowly wearing down and he could feel the pain in his head again. He tried to feel his limbs but couldn't move them much. Apparently, they gave him some drug which were inhibiting his body movements. Both his hands were tied tightly to a pole above his head and his legs were tied to an old pipe and a pole, spread far apart. He couldn't feel his phone in his pocket, they would have taken it. But, he could still operate it using his smart-watch linked to his phone. With much effort, he moved his fingers to press play on his watch and started listening to the recordings of the last hours.

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