A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

Monday, October 27, 2014
A healthy child makes a happy home, and not only home, they make a happy nation! That triggered the memories of "nanhe munhe bache teri muththi me kya hai? Muththi me hai takdeer hamari!" (O Child! What do you hold in your hands? Our future!). That song defines pretty much summarises all of my childhood memories. :P

Childhood, the best time of life.
No worries of deadlines, no stress about responsibilities, no tensions, no drama. Pure fun. 
Being the youngest at home and a girl, I have been a chatterbox all my life. My mom says I started speaking way before the normal age and that was obviously not understandable. :P Yet, I spoke, whether anyone could listen, decipher, understand or not. You know, being the younger one with an elder bro has its own advantages, he protects you from all the scoldings and spoils you as well. So, the sentence I grew up listening to was, "Thodi der chup bhi ho ja!" (Be quiet for at least some time!) My parents seriously used to bet with me if I could stay mum for 15 mins or half hour. And even with a luscious offer of chocolates, I always lost. 

Apart from my above described characteristics, I had one major characteristic! I was always prone to diseases - be it because of changing weather, a viral infection, bacterial infection - I always got sick. If it was out in the market, of course I had it! :-& And yes, that brought about quite a lot of silence in my home! :( One time, amidst my all diseases, I caught really high fever. It was the first rain of the season and I, being a rain-o-maniac, got completely drenched. That resulted in my another encounter with diseases - high fever this time! My mom thought that it was one of my usual falling sick, but as the night grew, so did my fever. She started the medications and the desi home remedies, but to no vain. Soon, everybody at home started getting worried and as the doctor was also unreachable in the middle of the night, they had to wait till morning. They put cold water strips on my forehead all night in wait of the morning. I still remember that night - longest in my life! Their usually-happy faces had become long with worry and tiredness and my body was burning like on fire. In the morning they got me admitted to the hospital and for some days, all I saw was their worried faces. But soon, I recovered and came back home but I pledged to take care of myself for I couldn't see my family being so sad because of me.

But my family was still worried because of my lack of immunity to diseases. They tried a few "tried-and-tested" formulae but nothing works on my stubborn body. Then finally, my mom figured the best remedy for increasing my immunity - Dabur Chyawanprash. It worked wonders for me and soon, my immunity did improve. Now, I wasn't the first person to catch these germs and infections, or even tenth for that matter!

I was super healthy and super-fit to pester everyone at home again. Finally, I got my chance to make such mess and speak so much that I could hear the same sweet sentence "Thodi der chup bhi ho ja!" but with a lot of laughter these times! ;)

This post is a part of Dabur Chyawanprash contest at Indiblogger.

P.S.- Yes, the future of a nation lies in the hands of children. But also, the happiness and prosperity of the nation also lies in the hands of the children. But what's most important is how strong do we make them - mentally and physically. The values and the morals that we teach our children are going to change the way they see the world tomorrow. So let's teach them some wonderful things! :)

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